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    Apr 17th 2012
    dmadland asked a question:

    Cholesteral Concerns

    I just had bood work done today and my total cholesterol is 173. Doc is happy at the 15 lb weight loss I"ve had since I started SCD, but concerened about my levels. She wants me to start 1200...

    Apr 5th 2012
    dmadland replied to sbrown's question:

    What is your favorite cheat meal?

    This thred is FOOD PORN at is finest and I've got another day to go befor my free day!

    Mar 22nd 2012
    dmadland replied to dnbrdy's tip:

    Awesome Slow Carb Recipes...I'll Go First

    Iv'e been struggeling with breakfast and this has been working great. Chorizo, black bean, egg "pie" brown .5 lb sausage, peppers, onions, can black beans and spinich divide mixture...

    Mar 6th 2012
    dmadland commented on elquent's reply:

    Very helpful response.

    Mar 5th 2012
    dmadland commented on Jake's reply:

    Roasted cauliflower is the greatest!

    Mar 5th 2012

    So motiviating! Thanks for sharing. I start SCD in January and had to go buy new jeans this weekend! I havent worn a 20 in years! I havent done Zu...

    Mar 5th 2012
    dmadland replied to JacciK's question:

    Jerky for lunch?

    Chicken or tuna salad with vegie sticks or romain lettuce wraps, cold, left over chicken, black bean dip made with garlic, cumin, cilantro and a splash of red wine vinegar. Chef salad with hard b...

    Feb 27th 2012
    Feb 24th 2012
    dmadland asked a question:

    What about pumpkin?

    Are pumpkin and winter squashes allowable?

    Feb 23rd 2012
    dmadland replied to Soylent's blog post:

    In praise of Cheat Day

    FREE Day (not cheat day- in my vocabulary, cheating sounds too negative) is the one thing that is making this plan work for me. My kids are love asking me "what are we going to eat on free da...

    Feb 23rd 2012
    dmadland blogged:

    Member intro: dogfishdawn

    Suburban, soccer mom- working 4HB to be the best I can be.

    Feb 23rd 2012
    Feb 23rd 2012