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My 4HB Goal: 10% body fat





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FirstTimeDieter replied to jHarper's question:

Burn fat before building muscle?

While it's possible to just burn pure fat, you will probably burn muscle too. Similarly, you won't ever put on pure muscle, you'll gain a little fat with it. Before you guys reply and tell me th...

Mar 21st 2012

It's a lean body mass vs fat mass. I have one of those scales that measures % BF too, it is ridiculously inaccurate. To the tune of being so far...

Mar 21st 2012

Diet is pretty SCD standard. 2 organic eggs, 1/2 cup egg whites, vegetables and pinto beans for breakfast. Lunch is generally some sort of naked...

Mar 21st 2012
FirstTimeDieter asked a question:

Weight loss - 5 lbs muscle, 5 lbs fat

I have been on the Slow Carb diet for 5 weeks. The day I started I went in for a hydrostatic weighing to give myself a baseline. I just did it again today to see my progress and to determine the...

Mar 21st 2012

How to evaluate at what point catabolic breakdown occurs? I'm don't have issues with "reward" eating, seems a flimsy argument to discou...

Feb 24th 2012
FirstTimeDieter asked a question:

Cardio - mixed opinions while on SCD

I've only been on SCD for two weeks but already down 6 pounds and almost an inch around my waist. Very happy with that result. I have slowed down my gym routine fairly dramatically too - doing o...

Feb 24th 2012
FirstTimeDieter blogged:

First time dieter

NEVER watched what I ate but found the book so interesting I had to try. Hoping to get down to low teens BF% from an 18% starting point.

Feb 23rd 2012