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NatalieGS asked a question:

Cat Vomits don't hurt?

The Cat Vomits hurt the first few times I did them, but no longer. So I don't know if they are doing any good. Should I increase the hold count? The number of reps? Thanks!

Jun 29th 2011
NatalieGS replied to aerolex's question:

Breakfast Options for Non-Cooks

Unfortunately, Tim's youbar is not for weight loss. I asked that myself, hoping for something I could keep in my desk at work.

Jun 29th 2011
NatalieGS replied to SaraXoXo's question:

5'7- 120lb 22year old Female- ?? Slow Carb

5 ft 7 and 120? LUCKY YOU! If I were you I'd focus on muscle gain.

Jun 17th 2011
NatalieGS is doing my tutorial!

Master the Kettlebell Swing

This challenge will teach you how to properly perform a powerful fat-burning exercise called the kettlebell swing. The beauty of this exercise is t...

May 27th 2011
NatalieGS commented on El-Shig's reply:

Neat. I think I'll try the American swings. (No, I am not using a T-handle.) It may slow down my ability to increase the weight, but it sound li...

May 27th 2011
May 27th 2011
NatalieGS replied to cruey's question:

cravings? this might help you get by...

Thanks, Cruey! I just used pen and paper, but I didn't know I could get that angry at a bag of M&Ms. But that kept me from buying them, so Wahoooo!

May 19th 2011
NatalieGS replied to Greg's question:

Myopic crunch with BOSU is it that easy or I did something wrong?

I agree with the positioning statement. Remember that your butt should be no more than 6 inches off the floor. This means that you are not sitting on top of the ball. You are sitting on the sid...

May 16th 2011
NatalieGS commented on New John's reply:

Had a chance to wait the hour after breakfast today (working from home). I was able to do 10 more kettlebell swings. So, yeah, I think there's so...

May 11th 2011
NatalieGS asked a question:

How to tone my arms?

The kettlebells seem to be doing great things for my lower body, but my arms/ upper boobs still have all that flappy stuff. So, I'm looking for a quick exercise that I can add to my kettlebells/a...

May 10th 2011
NatalieGS replied to Captain Awesome's question:

Who has your ideal bod?

I'm 5 ft 4, busty, and have the shoulders to hold 'em up. Most of that isn't about to change. So, "willowy" is out of the question for me, but every time I see Drew Barrymore on screen,...

May 3rd 2011
NatalieGS replied to soma's question:

Early Morning Workouts

actaully, this is more of a question to Soma. I workout first thing in the AM,too. Get up, get water and meds, workout. Then breakfast, shower, and off to work. Alarm is at 5, in my car by 7. S...

May 3rd 2011
NatalieGS asked a question:

Experiences with Rum on non-cheat day?

We're going to a bar to to hear a friend of our play and sing. This place has an AMAZING rum collection, and I generally love rum. So I'm looking for recommendations to have a rum or 2 without r...

Apr 21st 2011
NatalieGS asked a question:

Indian food

Just wanted to put in a good word for Indian food. Veggie heavy, uses spices for flavor, and the rice is on the side and easy to ignore. Had a great chicken soup and lamb saag (spinach and mild s...

Apr 5th 2011
NatalieGS replied to CrystalsQuest's question:

You know you're losing weight when...

A few weeks ago, I noticed I had "Plumber's Crack". I'll have to find the belt for that pair of pants now; haven't needed it in years.

Mar 31st 2011
NatalieGS asked a question:

Anyone using a balance ball for the sit-ups?

So I looked at buying either a balance ball or a Bosu ball, and went with the balance ball becuase I could get some other short, yoga based exercises with it for non-4hb days. This may have been...

Mar 28th 2011
NatalieGS commented on mvs's reply:

This is the end of my fourth month.

Mar 17th 2011
NatalieGS replied to a question I'm following

ALA daily dose

If you are willing to pay for the convenience, consider

Mar 17th 2011
NatalieGS asked a question:

Ladies- On Seasonique (Pill)-what to expect?

I'm on Seasonique, so I only get my period 3x a year (YAY!) But otherwise I'm still seeing the same changes in my body. So for a few days prior to what would be the week of my period (last week...

Mar 17th 2011
NatalieGS commented on Shery's reply:

you crack me up!

Mar 17th 2011
NatalieGS replied to a question I'm following

What's your typical slow carb lunch?

Tuna Salad Start with a bag of cole slaw mix. Add a bag of red cabbage. Add 2 big cans tuna (I like the ones in water rather than oil). Add just enough mayo to make it stick together. This m...

Mar 4th 2011
NatalieGS asked a question:

Cheat Day- citrus kombucha

So I'm going to try citrius kombucha as part of Cheat Day damage control. For best effect, should I have it with my SC breakfast, or with other meals? Thanks!

Mar 4th 2011
NatalieGS replied to a question I'm following

Need two day binge this week

Just recognize that you will lose less weight- maybe even none at all- this week, and get back on when you are home. If you have to organize your life around this diet, you'll never stick with i...

Mar 4th 2011
NatalieGS commented on justin's reply:

there is also something about citrus that he recommends for "damage control" during cheat days. Another option is to add lime or lemon to your wat...

Mar 4th 2011
NatalieGS replied to a question I'm following

Day After 1st Binge Questions...

I would say to wait unti you are not sick, and note your results from that cheat day. Right now, your body is focused on fighting whatever is wrong.

Mar 4th 2011
NatalieGS replied to a question I'm following

Coffee, a thought

the book also recommends cinnamon to help with the taste

Mar 4th 2011
NatalieGS replied to a question I'm following

What soups are recommended?

Ok, this is going to sound strange, but just hear me out. Cabbage Soup. Yes, the fad diet Cabbage Soup, only with lots of low/no sodium chicken broth instead of tomato juice. We generally have ...

Mar 2nd 2011
NatalieGS replied to a question I'm following

steak and eggs

Yes, I do it alot. But since I'm not about to pay for real steak that often, I use Steak-Ums. And I scramble various types of beans in with my 3 eggs. Red beans are ok; soy, lentil, and pinto ...

Feb 28th 2011
NatalieGS replied to a question I'm following

What are your favorite cheat foods?

For me, its more about the fact that I have the options open. My cravings come and go during the week; but I've noticed that I tend to want cheese on my binge day. Last week for lunch I had a ...

Feb 25th 2011
NatalieGS asked a question:

Is Tim's "You Bar" good for fat loss?

So Tim created this "You Bar" Is this OK for Slow Carb if your main goal is fat loss? There are some fruits l...

Feb 12th 2011
NatalieGS replied to a question I'm following

Already bored

My husband and I are doing this together. One of our tricks is to make a HUGE batch of chicken veggie soup we can both eat for dinner 4-5 nights. Look for no-salt chicken broth if you can. Throw...

Feb 11th 2011
NatalieGS asked a question:

Does it have to be grapefruit juice?

I've decided to really focus on the "Damage Control" instructions. I already eat a "clean" breakfast. Tim says you should have a small amout of fructose, or fruit sugar, and ...

Feb 10th 2011
NatalieGS asked a question:

Atkins shakes or other brand names?

I'm looking for pre-canned shakes I can drink in the AM or take to work with me. Off the top, I know Atkins is very low in sugar and high in protein. Has anyone had good results with these or ot...

Feb 3rd 2011