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My 4HB Goal: If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done





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    katierae84 replied to Brittney Kyle's question:

    Teaching starts Tuesday

    Fellow teacher here....HARDEST part about going back to school is not having the freedom to pee when I need to. I drink sooooooo much water normally, so it is so frustrating... Other than that, I ...

    Aug 20th 2012
    katierae84 replied to Brittney Kyle's question:

    Feeling weird toward the end of each week

    It looks like you aren't getting much fat here...I would up your 1/2 tbs of olive oil to 1 full tbs...have you tried coconut oil yet? Lots of flavor and great for adding to veggies or lentils at t...

    Aug 19th 2012

    Male or female?

    Apr 14th 2012

    I love the taste of beans too, not the issue. They left me feeling bloated/stuffed and now that I am doing 6 days/week under 50g carbs coming only...

    Apr 14th 2012
    katierae84 replied to wombat's question:

    Beans- how much? also Tim says they can be skipped?

    I was having a tough time eating beans even 1 x a day and having any appetite, so I dropped them completely without adding in extra protein/veg/fats. I started to stall/feel like crap and quickly ...

    Apr 12th 2012

    Do you eat legumes during the regular week? Just be careful if you don't because I crashed and burned doing 2 fasts/week because I wasn't getting ...

    Apr 6th 2012
    katierae84 replied to JemmaJolie's question:

    Fasting before and after a cheat day?

    I would definitely recommend fasting the day before, but not after as you want to get your metabolism going again. Just ditch the legumes that day if you are still eating them at this point. If yo...

    Apr 6th 2012
    katierae84 replied to unnamed's question:

    How do YOU guys deal with cravings?

    I used to get huge sugar cravings when I first started SCD and used green tea and black coffee to help...now they are completely gone, but I do still go crazy with sweet treats on cheat days. Pean...

    Apr 5th 2012


    Apr 4th 2012
    katierae84 asked a question:

    The Last Mile meal feedback?

    Hi everyone: Started up the last mile and here is what I did for meals today. Let me know what you think, because if it looks good, I would like to maintain it . My protein is at 4oz because I am...

    Apr 3rd 2012
    katierae84 replied to arctichacker's question:

    ArcticHacker: GOAL!

    "-based on Sam Green’s advice my macronutrients followed the guideline of 65% fat (yes, you read that right), 30-35% protein, 10-5% carbs" Could you give me a few examples of meals/po...

    Apr 2nd 2012
    Mar 29th 2012

    Yup....make your own beans/lentils...so much cheaper, they taste better, and no sodium or BPA worries.

    Mar 27th 2012
    Mar 25th 2012
    Mar 23rd 2012
    Mar 21st 2012
    katierae84 commented on Aya's reply:

    Thanks fitorbust! I thought I would be super hungry without any legumes, but I am not...;earning so much about my body/nutrition needs on this eat...

    Mar 20th 2012
    katierae84 commented on Aya's reply:

    I cut out the beans to try and help boost my appetite/help with the bloating, so at this point I guess I am going to just deal with the sporadic B...

    Mar 18th 2012
    katierae84 blogged:

    Feedback on Progress

    So, I don't have a lot of actual pounds left to loose, but definitely want to keep working on fat loss/ lean body composition. This diet has helped me so much, I am never hungry, and I literally d...

    Mar 17th 2012
    Mar 7th 2012

    I tried fasting 24 hours after my last cheat day ( from 6pm Saturday- 6pm Sunday) and today I am already back to my Saturday am weight. AND it is ...

    Mar 6th 2012
    katierae84 replied to Lynda Auron's question:

    Before & After - Eight Months In

    Good for you...what an amazing job you have done!

    Mar 5th 2012

    Sweet! That is so cool. I broke my fast at the 24 hour mark, but had a wicked healthy/light dinner (lobster over greens with olive oil) Next time ...

    Mar 5th 2012
    Mar 4th 2012

    Awesome, your cheat day sounds very similar to mine except I am not doing the "midnight chow". Did you mean to say you don't eat again u...

    Mar 4th 2012
    katierae84 replied to Angela MacDonald's question:

    Do eggs have to be organic?

    Yay, this question is awesome! I am very passionate about the environment, eating well, AND saving money. I am a single, elementary school teacher, so my budget is tight, but food quality is wh...

    Mar 4th 2012

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mar 4th 2012

    Thanks for the answers guys! Hmmmmm, well I have heard both sides, that you should fast AFTER and BEFORE your cheat day, so I guess I will stick ...

    Mar 4th 2012
    katierae84 asked a question:

    Fasting after cheat day?

    Checked through the archives but couldn't find my exact answer. I have been reading up on the benefits of IF and have already gotten pretty close to 24 hours by omitting most dinner meals on the S...

    Mar 4th 2012

    Awesome to know! Good thing I love veggies!

    Mar 2nd 2012

    Thanks for your advice! I am going to try and just use the Flax in the salad only...mostly it is an attempt to "keep things moving!" Try...

    Mar 1st 2012

    I will try and ditch the PB for a while, good thing I just ate the last of it tonight and haven't bought a new jar haha! I can definitely do blac...

    Mar 1st 2012

    Thanks for the info! Long story short, up until my injury 2 months ago I was supremely active with running, hiking, biking, etc and now I can bare...

    Mar 1st 2012
    Mar 1st 2012
    katierae84 asked a question:

    Am I eating too much?

    Here is what my typical meal day looks like: ( 5'9" female 140 lbs pre cheat weight last Saturday, still at 141 this morning) Breakfast: 6:30 1/2 Trader Joe's turkey burger 2 poached eggs...

    Mar 1st 2012
    katierae84 replied to Chippewa_Fire's question:

    Cheat Day Blues

    Wow....I feel exactly the same way right now and am SO looking forward to tomorrow. I ate way too much sweet stuff today and in the end it wasn't really even worth it...and I have such a stomach a...

    Feb 26th 2012
    katierae84 blogged:

    Katherine M

    27 year old female.

    Feb 21st 2012