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My 4HB Goal: Trying to get leaner, increase my confidence, and become more disciplined with my body. It makes me feel good!







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Sarahtothe3rd replied to Optics's question:

can someone please approve my account?

Hey! I had a similar problem. So, what I I did, which happened because I was frantically skipping around the site, really... was to go to the "Login" button. Put in your username/email....

May 18th 2012
Sarahtothe3rd replied to mokaydavis's question:

That time of the month

I agree... Oh, the chocolate cravings. I have to leave immediately after dinner with my family as they all start to pull out bowls of ice cream. I get so frustrated I want to cry! (And I'm on week...

Apr 5th 2012

You are so cheerful, motivated and optimistic! I love it!!!

Apr 2nd 2012
Sarahtothe3rd replied to a_gore21's question:

Marathon SCD

You will probably need to up your calorie intake when you start running those 30-40 miles a week. This is a recent question that was discussing protein intake but turned into a discussion on fat i...

Apr 2nd 2012
Sarahtothe3rd replied to dimbooti's question:

Binge Day over yea!

I think your mentality is great! But no worries about your rate. Myself, and many others, are only losing 1-2 lbs a week. (I am more on the 1 side of things). I started off with about 20 lbs to lo...

Apr 2nd 2012
Sarahtothe3rd replied to MaryC's question:

2nd week complete and gained!

Don't forget you are a woman! When it comes to hormones and checking the calendar, you might should see if it is that time for your body to be retaining water weight, which would mess up the scale...

Apr 2nd 2012
Sarahtothe3rd replied to bigwoz's question:

Missing: 35.2 pounds. If found, do NOT return to me!!

Congratulations! You are looking fantastic! So inspiring! Also, I couldn't help but notice you went from a 0.4 lb (day 43) week to a 5.0 lb week (day 50). What did you do to cause that sudden jum...

Apr 2nd 2012

I agree with TeaLove. 2 weeks <vigorous head nod> So frustrating!

Mar 30th 2012
Sarahtothe3rd replied to znye01's question:

2 week update, losing hope - not inches

It's possible that by reducing the amount of carbs you are taking in, you have actually created a resistance to losing weight. If you read the book you might remember the girl who was at a stall. ...

Mar 30th 2012
Sarahtothe3rd replied to Mike25's question:

Is coconut water ok to drink during the 6 days?

Mike25, I also love that stuff. I think it's great! However, I stopped drinking it once I got on the SCD. Mostly because the nutrition label stated it has 11g of Sugar per serving, which is enoug...

Mar 26th 2012
Sarahtothe3rd replied to MKrick's question:

100 lbs in 208 days.

I realize this was posted about 9 months ago, but I checked out your blog and saw you were still going strong! I was so impressed and inspired! Congratulations on breaking the 300 lb mark and stil...

Mar 26th 2012

Thanks for sharing your experiences! They are very helpful!

Mar 26th 2012
Sarahtothe3rd commented on brad's reply:

Thanks for the response! That's what I thought. I think I shall continue to do the SCD and as I lose weight, progressively add more exercise. Star...

Mar 26th 2012
Sarahtothe3rd replied to Alane's question:

Almost ZERO weight loss after 32 days- frustrated to say the least.

This might sound crazy, but. You can try to cut out the PAGG for a week and see what happens. I have seen some people on this site that have had adverse reactions to PAGG. I'm not saying that is n...

Mar 23rd 2012
Sarahtothe3rd replied to ricardolopez413's question:

Slow-carb while sick

Honestly, it's up to you. I ended up sick while on SCD and after a few days of sticking it out, I thought the world was going to end. After much debate, I decided to go off of the diet for the we...

Mar 23rd 2012
Sarahtothe3rd asked a question:

Does exercise quicken fat loss results?

Hey guys! This might seem like it has a quazi-obvious answer. But seriously. Has anyone noticed the numbers on the scale dropping faster when exercise was incorporated. I was trying to wait until...

Mar 23rd 2012