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My 4HB Goal: "When you think you are working hard, you're not working hard enough." I need to lose 10 more pounds.



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    Div11Diva commented on Rocky's reply:

    Thanks, Rocky! I really appreciate the advice and you make a good point. I don't keep track of what I have to eat in the house and I don't prepare...

    May 16th 2012
    May 16th 2012

    Congrats! That is so inspiring!

    May 16th 2012

    Thanks, Douglas! After reading your post I realized that I am not eating 30 grams of protein in the morning because I am getting up so late and th...

    May 14th 2012

    Thanks, Akane! Your progress is truly inspiring! And I think you're right, I need to look at the SCD diet as a lifestyle. That is where I am strug...

    May 14th 2012
    Div11Diva asked a question:

    Need Advice!

    Ugh, I'm stuck! The last two weeks have been pretty difficult for me to stick with the SCD. I need some motivation! I enjoy the workouts but the diet is the hardest part for me. My question is: ho...

    May 3rd 2012
    Apr 13th 2012
    Div11Diva commented on Div11Diva's profile:

    Kettlebells are awesome!!!! Great workout today!

    Mar 23rd 2012
    Div11Diva commented on Div11Diva's profile:

    Lost 1 pound this past week which is great considering I've been sick. Hope this week will prove to be more successful!

    Feb 28th 2012

    Me too! That's my favorite:)

    Feb 25th 2012
    Div11Diva commented on Div11Diva's profile:

    Unfortunately, my third workout with the kettlebells did not go as planned since I had to use a dumbell instead. It still worked though. Hope every...

    Feb 24th 2012
    Div11Diva commented on Div11Diva's profile:

    Yesterday, I did my second workout with the kettlebells and it went well. But today I'm super hungry!!! Last week I was doing so good and wasn't hu...

    Feb 23rd 2012
    Feb 21st 2012
    Div11Diva commented on Div11Diva's profile:

    I'm going to start the kettlebell swings today. I hope I don't hurt myself:/ But all and all I'm so excited that I already lost 4lbs and it's only ...

    Feb 20th 2012

    Thanks for the welcome, Arctichacker!!!

    Feb 20th 2012
    Div11Diva blogged:

    Member intro: Greetings!

    Hi everyone! I was recommended to read "The 4-Hour Body" by a friend after expressing some frustration over my lack of results from intense cardio. Ferriss's book made me feel motivated ...

    Feb 20th 2012
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    Give a warm welcome to Div11Diva!

    Feb 20th 2012