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My 4HB Goal: 10%body weight loss





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Hey J. Its going great but its only my first day. I had 3 large whole eggs scrambled for breakfast. and two cups of milk less and sugarless tea. h...

Feb 27th 2012

Excellent ideas thank you .. Don't get me wrong i am nervous but yes motivated.. did you see my current photo lol ... ... Am looking forward to ...

Feb 24th 2012

Heya Now. or. Never. I read the link and that's some good info thank you. One of my main problems was American shopping compared to British, ...

Feb 23rd 2012
neokel replied to 4HourBod's blog post:

Team page and few more goodies

Heya. I am a newbie here and I start my SCD on Sunday. I got a message to say someone added me to their team but when i came to the site there is no one of that name? I still don't know if I am on...

Feb 23rd 2012
Feb 23rd 2012
Feb 22nd 2012
neokel asked a question:

Tips for a UK chick looking to lose fat on the 4HB.

I start the SCD on Sunday 26th Feb. I am in the UK and have been looking around for cheap Low carb meals so I can start planning my shopping trip. I want to make the first week the best week in pl...

Feb 22nd 2012
neokel blogged:

Hey I am Kel and new to this ....

I am 33 single mum of two great kids. I have always been over weight and fat. I am now in the obese spectrum Weighing in at 16.6 stone = 101.4 kg roughly (50inch waist) This is the biggest I have ...

Feb 18th 2012