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My 4HB Goal: To lose roughly 150lbs. But more importantly to be comfortable in my own body.





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Linsey Muse asked a question:

Not eating enough?

I've stalled this week and so I'm reviewing all of my eating. I eat the same thing every day and have lost 17lbs up to this week. I know I shouldn't go strictly by the scale so I took measurements...

Feb 10th 2013
Linsey Muse replied to locarb4health's question:

Women and the 4 Hour Body

I've been on this diet 8 weeks and I've lost 15lbs. I feel like I've lost the same five pounds for a few weeks now because of cheat day. Today I'm changing cheat day up a bit to see if I can keep ...

Apr 14th 2012
Linsey Muse commented on Beaver's reply:

@kcsportsdoc Trigger foods around the house are the worst. I can't stand the thought of throwing them away so I make my husband hide them from me...

Apr 5th 2012
Linsey Muse replied to 4hBod's question:

Stopping SCD but can I stay here?

I wish you the best of luck but I must say you're plan sounds extremely complicated. I love the simplicity of SCD!

Apr 5th 2012
Linsey Muse replied to JacciK's question:

No corn? Seriously?

When I started the slow carb diet I assumed no corn just because its so starchy. I've never seen it allowed on any other low carb diets. But...if you go strictly by the 5 rules listed in 4HB it is...

Feb 27th 2012
Linsey Muse replied to worldwidewebster's question:

Okay, anyone else find the prospect of a "15-minute orgasm" absolutely horrifying? :-)

I'm a little confused by your question. I thought it was an orgasm in 15 minutes, not a 15 minute orgasm? I thought this because you're setting the timer for 15 minutes. I agree with the over sti...

Feb 20th 2012
Feb 20th 2012
Feb 20th 2012
Feb 20th 2012

I completely agree that our bodies are made for cheat days. Feel free to correct me but I can't think of any other animal that has the possibi...

Feb 20th 2012
Linsey Muse replied to MKrick's question:

100 lbs in 208 days.

Amazing! And so very inspiring! I will definitely be coming back to your pics for inspiration through out my own journey. Thank you for sharing!!

Feb 17th 2012
Linsey Muse replied to LizMir's tip:

Simple Bean Cake Recipe: Feels like cheat day!

This is an awesome idea! Thank you. I plan to do it once with pintos and once with red beans.

Feb 17th 2012
Linsey Muse blogged:

150lbs to go.

Hi, My name is Linsey. I have been following the slow carb diet for five days now. Today I added in some exercise. I've also been taking cold showers and drink ice water in the mornings. Yesterda...

Feb 17th 2012
Feb 17th 2012
Feb 16th 2012
Feb 16th 2012