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    beaujac replied to Sammy Bedair's question:

    The truth about PEAS !!

    A search function is a terrible thing to waste.

    Dec 31st 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    Ah, crap, click liked on my own answer. Rookie move.

    Sep 18th 2012
    Sep 18th 2012
    beaujac replied to Scander1005's question:

    Is grapefruit ok for everyday ?

    Grape juice is a big no on non-cheat days. It's full of sugars. The reason it's encouraged on cheat days is that it helps regulate blood sugar.

    Sep 18th 2012
    beaujac replied to Mike P's question:

    Pink Moscato?

    It's a bad idea. Pink Moscator contains twice the sugar of a Cab. If your wife wants a sweeter experience with a red she should try a merlot since it qualifies as one of the dryer reds. That ...

    Sep 13th 2012
    beaujac replied to Ehren Miller's question:

    Why is Hard Liquor Bad? I Need Science Help.

    I LOVE beer and bourbon and scotch and gah! Yeah, your body will prioritize the digesting of the alcohol over food which can lead to a bit of fat storage as the food sits unmetabolized in your sy...

    Sep 7th 2012
    beaujac replied to Robbie Klein's question:

    What is considered 1 hr from waking up?

    Yeah, 30 in 30 is the rule. It helps if you prepare your 30 ahead of time so you can just wake up and pound it. Some days I just stand in front of open fridge, bleary eyed, and lay eyes on about...

    Sep 6th 2012
    beaujac replied to Diann Barton-King's question:

    Are Pork Rinds ok?

    Technically, yes, they're 'ok'. They are fried and high and sodium though, so even then they are a sometimes food.

    Aug 30th 2012
    beaujac replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

    Ginger dressing?

    Ginger itself is allowed in small amounts. That said, most salad dressings are a no go on this diet, especially those dressings made en masse. Without knowing the ingredients and carb content of...

    Aug 25th 2012
    beaujac replied to Ehren Miller's question:

    Dating On The Slow Carb Diet

    As a wine guy, I gotta admit, it's been pretty nice over my last year and a half as a single man. Getting into wine seems inaccessible, and can be a little intimidating. I assure you, it's not. ...

    Aug 24th 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    Your cheat days will leave you feeling so awful that getting back to SCD will feel great.

    Aug 24th 2012
    beaujac replied to Angela Polite Dokey's question:

    Any advice for a newbie?

    Okay. Week 1. You're probably going to feel like crap as your body gets used to a new way of eating. Make through the first 5-10 days and you will find that you've got more energy than you know...

    Aug 23rd 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand, and my problem with Wellbutrin was that it tended to stoke my anxiety, which I have never really tak...

    Aug 19th 2012
    beaujac replied to Shannon Bennett's question:

    Cheat Day Breakfast

    It's recommended that you have an SCD breakfast on your cheat day. It will curb your appetite, and you'll start your day feeling much better than if you started with a cheat meal. That said, you...

    Aug 13th 2012
    beaujac replied to Brittney Kyle's question:

    I actually do have a question about depression

    Generally speaking, a healthy diet can improve mental health--even moreso when coupled with exercise. There was a time where I was super depressed (and super fat) and being treated with Wellbutri...

    Aug 13th 2012
    beaujac replied to Jennifer Brenner's question:

    Too much exercise? Hypoglycemia?

    A rough week 1 and week 2 aren't uncommon. I felt the way you described for the first ten days on the diet. Most of my friends had a similar experience with their first 5-14 days. Up your prote...

    Aug 10th 2012
    beaujac replied to Brittney Kyle's question:

    2 weeks down results (plus a cheat day breakfast question)

    The book recommends an SCD breakfast on cheat day, but ultimately, you can do what you want. In theory it will limit weight gain because you are eating one less cheat meal. It will also leave yo...

    Aug 4th 2012
    beaujac replied to Chris Honovi's question:

    Cheat day question!

    Your body is adjusting to essentially being full all of the time on the diet. The great thing about SCD is the general lack of hunger pangs. It is only natural that on your cheat day, when you...

    Jul 30th 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    Not a problem. Take your time in adjusting to the red. I was not a huge fan of reds early in my Eventually I got to a p...

    Jul 27th 2012
    beaujac commented on TeddySC's reply:

    I do love me some reddit.

    Jul 26th 2012
    beaujac replied to Falcon76's question:

    Wine 'n Dine!

    I'd say the search function works wonders, but this questions was actually answered earlier today. Do some looking around in the future.

    Jul 26th 2012
    beaujac replied to Ray Porter's question:

    General Eating Question

    Generally speaking, if you're going to skip a component, skip the beans, and nab the protein and veggies however you can (Pro-tip: A fistful of baby spinach right from the bag to your mouth while ...

    Jul 25th 2012
    beaujac replied to Jennifer Hutchinson's question:

    What is a good wine for a newbie?

    Dry reds are on the SCD. This includes Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots and Pinot Noirs. The Pinot Noir, is the sweeter of the three and tends to have more chocolate and plum to it's flavor. The Ca...

    Jul 25th 2012
    beaujac replied to Anthony Schneider's question:


    Grapefruit is addressed in the 4HB book in the damage control section. Additionally, in the book Grapefruit does not appear on the acceptable foods list. Lastly, this question was asked and answ...

    Jul 16th 2012
    beaujac replied to csnewdayyesterday's tip:

    Why many here are wrong about cheese....and why they are right

    And this outlines why it is important to track these kind of things. I've got a friend that can put down a moderate amount of cheese and it doesn't affect her SCD losses. If I even look at a whe...

    Jul 16th 2012
    Jul 16th 2012
    beaujac replied to Tomhole's question:

    Sardines Rock

    Brand to brand the sugar content of mustard sardines vary, but there are a variety where it's not included (as well as other flavors). Sardines are great for quick protein and fat, as well as som...

    Jul 16th 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    Great to see about the losses. As per your sweetener question from a few days ago, if it's not slowing your losses, you can keep using it if you ...

    Jul 16th 2012
    beaujac replied to mkr6taclai's question:

    Anyone having muscle spasms in legs?

    Cramps can be caused by dehydration. Are you getting enough water throughout the day?

    Jul 14th 2012
    Jul 11th 2012
    beaujac replied to Mike Manzi's blog post:

    Friend saved my life

    What a great story. Seriously. Your friend is amazing for not giving up. To top it off, you're damn amazing for powering through this dark period in your life and not giving up either. I have ...

    Jul 11th 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    Yeah, thank goodness for Frank's. Tobasco and Cholula are also good alternatives. You can also start making homemade salsas if you need somethin...

    Jul 11th 2012
    beaujac replied to Sober Monk's question:

    Few questions.

    First, welcome to the diet. A lot of us have embraced this lifestyle with some great success and I hope you find it on the SCD as well. A heads up: You probably didn't get an answer quickly bec...

    Jul 10th 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    Careful tracking is the key here because you can adjust on the fly to make things better. That said, I just went straight black coffee. So long ...

    Jul 10th 2012
    beaujac replied to Joel Dennis's question:

    Whipping cream says it contains milk

    Ultimately, the real answer is that if it works for you, keep doing it. While there is a lot of science behind SCD everybody's body responds differently to certain foods. Whipping cream and he...

    Jul 10th 2012
    beaujac replied to Greg Sheaks's question:

    cucumber salad

    Thanks for sharing! Always looking for new things to do and eat. As per imitation crab, look out for sugar and other sweeteners as all the imitation crab I've run into has it listed in their ing...

    Jul 6th 2012
    beaujac replied to Erik Wood's question:

    SCD for vegetarians

    Tofu is not allowed on SCD. I poked around the interwebs and saw a lot of vegetarians that were leaning pretty heavily on eggs as well. Lo and behold, a link back to this forum showed up in my G...

    Jul 3rd 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    That's great! Glad it's working out. Make sure you take a cheat day once a week, or at least a cheat meal.

    Jul 2nd 2012
    beaujac replied to Greg Boase's question:

    Wine in cooking?

    Red wine (specifically the dryer varieties) are all good on the diet. Given that recipes typically call for lesser amounts than we drink and that the wine is spread out across multiple servings i...

    Jul 2nd 2012
    beaujac replied to Robin's question:

    Coconuts allowed?

    Nope. Coconut is full of sugars that would stall your losses, and as awesome as it is, it is exclusively a cheat day treat.

    Jul 1st 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    Definitely introduce the changes one at a time so you can see which worked and which didn't for future considerations. Good luck!

    Jun 30th 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    First, try more water. You're working out ALOT and your diet contains a few high-sodium items. Both of these could cause you to hold on to water...

    Jun 29th 2012
    beaujac replied to Sam Theman's question:

    Weight loss stalled, 3 pounds gained

    How much water are you drinking in a day? You need to be drinking a lot of water, especially if you're exercising that much. Also, maybe you're exercising too much? How many days a week are you...

    Jun 29th 2012
    beaujac replied to AceOf Spades's question:

    Pea Protien Pancakes

    Sounds like a rough pancake to have to throw down, but I'll be damned if that isn't an awesome effort on your part in putting this recipe together. You can go a couple routes. "Sweet"....

    Jun 29th 2012
    beaujac commented on beaujac's reply:

    I watched a friend have a full blown panic attack in the middle of campus because her ephedra based diet pills had her so ramped up. Prior to tha...

    Jun 28th 2012
    beaujac replied to Sam Theman's question:

    Has anyone used Mormon tea/ Brigham tea/ American ephedra?

    Severe skin reactions, irritability, nervousness, dizziness, trembling, headache, insomnia, profuse perspiration, dehydration, itchy scalp and skin, vomiting, hyperthermia, irregular heartbeat, se...

    Jun 28th 2012
    beaujac replied to Miguel Camacho's blog post:

    Off to a good start; Still confused

    1 ) Legumes are a part of the diet. You're in the clear there. 2 ) If you can, just go black on the coffee and skip the sweetener and cream (skip the sweetener at the very least). Let's be hone...

    Jun 28th 2012
    beaujac replied to maddykiedis's question:

    Is cake allowed on the SCD?

    Option 1. If you're concerned about damage control see the damage control section in 4HB. Otherwise, enjoy. It's just too cool a situation not to slip a bit. Stay hydrated. Enjoy a piece of t...

    Jun 28th 2012