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My 4HB Goal: Get my body fat % as low as I can.







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Ngskim gary thomas replied to Jenny Au's question:

Intermittent-Intermittent Fasting

google Leangains for all you can read on IF

Mar 9th 2013
Ngskim gary thomas replied to arnoud's question:

CCV: Car cat vomit

Makes sense to me. One question I have,is your comment,(and others I've seen) about doing the Cat vomit, why do you get wierd looks in the gym? I'm thinking I'm doing it wrong,cause the way I do ...

Feb 26th 2012
Feb 26th 2012

Mmmm, Kim K

Feb 26th 2012
Ngskim gary thomas asked a question:

Has anyone tested with/without cold baths?

I'm interested in the cold therapy thing,but i don't like being cold,so... has anyone done the cold bath,ice on the neck thing for say a week with no other variables,and how did it work? It's n...

Feb 18th 2012
Ngskim gary thomas blogged:

Member intro: Ready to lose

55 y/o male looking to lose bodyfat.

Feb 16th 2012
Ngskim gary thomas asked a question:

Exercise descriptions still online?

Hi, I'm new to the forum. Just picked up the 4HB book and I notice Tim suggests going online to get a better idea of the exercises and how they're done. Is this site no longer available? When ...

Feb 16th 2012
Ngskim gary thomas replied to gracefulklutz's question:

How necessary are ice baths?

Anybody have an idea how much ice baths help? Maybe a % of increased fat loss. I'm not about to do them to lose another ounce or two a week. I'd rather diet a little longer.

Feb 16th 2012