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Mr.Happy asked a question:

Weight gain then weight loss

I had been on SCD for a month or so and my weight had remained relatively the same, I decided to start lifting again after about 3 weeks I had put on 11 pounds. I cut in my food and the weight did...

Mar 2nd 2012
Mr.Happy replied to Alane's question:

How can I make lentils taste better?

Caramelized onions and cook in chicken stock. or try some curry powder.

Mar 1st 2012
Mr.Happy replied to KarmicDebT's blog post:

Hearty 15-bean soup recipe

Great recipe! just a couple of questions, chicken flavor boost, like the meal replacement?? And the pea protein is that used as a thickening agent?

Feb 23rd 2012
Mr.Happy commented on Sam Green's reply:

Canned is overcooked, canned products are pasteurized it causes overcooking.

Feb 23rd 2012
Mr.Happy replied to Now.Or.Never's question:

Cooking Dried Beans

Depending on the bean there can be variable soaking times,black beans for instance need a 24 hour soak and at least 1 rinse as opposed to black eyed peas and lentils that just need to be rinsed an...

Feb 23rd 2012
Mr.Happy replied to gracefulklutz's question:

Buttered Coffee?

Anyone try the coconut oil version that he had talked about in the video....I LOVE COCONUT OIL!!!!! Sorry lost control there for a second.

Feb 20th 2012
Mr.Happy replied to MKrick's question:
Feb 19th 2012

@ thebraveman, I am 5"11 and weigh in at 311 lbs, I sort of think we may be in the same boat. Muscle mas will help you burn more calories and...

Feb 18th 2012

Remember to much fiber can also be a problem,just as bad or worse than not enough. Also what is your water in take like?

Feb 17th 2012
Mr.Happy replied to jHarper's question:

Burn fat before building muscle?

Building muscle actually helps you burn fat faster, I've read that 1lb of muscle mass will burn 100 cals per day. More muscle, more fuel=more calories burnt, therefore it actually helps you lose w...

Feb 17th 2012

For me it's a matter of money, I can get egg whites dirt cheap $2.50 for 1 liter. I eat 1 cup per meal(equals to the white of a bout 6 eggs), ther...

Feb 17th 2012
Mr.Happy replied to Maria Rider's question:

HIIT Workouts - Ideas?

Personally I find for a beginner a 1:3 ratio, 8 to 10 rounds @ 70-80% of exertion followed by low intensity steady state cardio then followed by the same as the first but a@ 50-70% of exertion. No...

Feb 16th 2012
Mr.Happy commented on sirspiffy's reply:

This sounds tasty, sounds like what I ate for breakfast when I was on a ketogenic diet minus the Feta cheese.

Feb 15th 2012
Mr.Happy replied to seoulfully's question:

What are quick, easy and cheap sources of protein?

If you can find it, I use whole frozen egg whites $2.50 a liter at a restaurant supply store.

Feb 15th 2012
Mr.Happy replied to jodyalbritton's question:

Weight Loss Update

Great Job! Keep it up!!!

Feb 13th 2012
Mr.Happy replied to DreamerInDogpatch's question:

Any super-fat people attempting this?

I am presently 311 lbs @ 5"11, looking to lose 100lbs? is that super fat enough or am I considered a light weight amongst the heavyweights

Feb 13th 2012
Mr.Happy blogged:

Bob Jonez23

I'm a 41 one year old man trying to lose some weight...and hopefully never find it again!

Feb 13th 2012