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My 4HB Goal: To get visible abs for the first time in my life.





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    Where did you get those numbers from? I'm looking at my Planters pistachios and goya black beans right now. Both list 1/2 cup serving size. Pis...

    Jul 9th 2012
    Billy4HourBody asked a question:

    Could replacing beans with pistachios work?

    I tried the diet on the beans and it worked, but they taste awful. Beans and Pistachio nuts have similar amounts of carbohydrates and fiber per serving. Do you think the diet could still work if...

    Jul 9th 2012
    Billy4HourBody asked a question:

    Sore after workout A of Occam's Protocol. What to do?

    Do I wait 7 days, or do I rest 2 days then do workout B? It's kind of confusing. Here is an excerpt from the book: GETTING STARTED Step 1: Take at least seven days off of all training that cau...

    Jun 11th 2012
    Billy4HourBody asked a question:

    Links to before and after muscle photos?

    I want to try Occam's protocol to gain muscle. I have searched through the site to find before and after photos of people's muscle gains, and haven't found much at all. Does anybody have any lin...

    Jun 5th 2012
    Billy4HourBody replied to roberdingo's blog post:

    Sex Machine Protocol #1

    I would like to try this too, but am worried about side effects. I'm sure we've all ready about how excess testosterone can lead to things like body hair, baldness, and rage. Why did Tim not men...

    Apr 27th 2012
    Billy4HourBody replied to fiftyg's blog post:

    Follow-up on Sex Protocol #2

    Cool man. I'm surprised there isn't more written on here about this quick trick. I'm glad to hear it worked out for ya.

    Mar 2nd 2012

    By "normal," I mean eating whatever I want, in moderation of course. No calorie counting, though.

    Mar 1st 2012
    Billy4HourBody asked a question:

    Has anybody resumed normal eating, used PAGG, and kept the weight off?

    I have lost 20 pounds in two months using PAGG and the slow carb diet. I miss regular foods big time, however. Has anybody resumed normal eating, stayed on PAGG, and kept the weight off?

    Mar 1st 2012
    Billy4HourBody asked a question:

    How would Tim prepare for a military PRT?

    I have a military physical readiness test (PRT) coming up in about 9 weeks. The test consists of: -Running 1.5 miles as fast as you can -As many pushups in 2 minutes as you can -As many sit-ups i...

    Feb 12th 2012
    Billy4HourBody blogged:

    Member intro: 26 Year Old Male

    Loved the book. Looking to maximize the output/input ratio for diet and exercise.

    Feb 12th 2012