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    Jul 17th 2012
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    Jun 1st 2012

    I think half of an advocado might be ideal for this purpose!

    Jun 1st 2012
    fyrstjohn asked a question:

    Food after running?

    Whats up folks, Fellow SCD'ers!?! What should you eat/drink right after running on the SCD? I started running insted of doing kettlebells(I didn't eat anything right after and got bombed/fatigu...

    May 31st 2012
    fyrstjohn replied to JJJ's question:

    TIP: your "fermented" foods aren't

    How do you ferment foods ?

    Feb 13th 2012
    fyrstjohn blogged:

    Member intro: pilopoghejyyy aka jizsmslap

    My atroiuy outburst jjjjiiiikkikkkkkk. Ty for reading we want you

    Feb 10th 2012