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Icandoit replied to Nicole Pape's question:

Which weight are you using for kettle bell training?

I agree with th's advice to try different kettlebell weights in a store if you can. I planned to get a heavy one, then when I tried it decided to go lighter. The one I bought is 12 kg. I am 5'7, ...

Aug 6th 2012
Icandoit replied to jodyalbritton's question:

Tracking and Quantified Self

In trackers, I like to have the ability to enter data "late." Sometimes I'm not at the computer and I write info down on paper. I usually get caught up weekly, but if a tracker won't let...

Jul 30th 2012
Jul 27th 2012
Jul 21st 2012
Jul 11th 2012
Jul 11th 2012
Icandoit blogged:

I am IN my skinny jeans

: ) I haven't been able to fit in them for 7YEARS!! I'm currently 4lbs heavier than when I last wore them, but they fit - no muffining. The weird thing is, my weight and inches haven't been droppi...

Jul 6th 2012
Icandoit commented on Jake's reply:

Makes you wonder if the red wine Tim was drinking every night really does help.

Jul 6th 2012
Icandoit replied to Eric I's question:

Screwups, how bad are they?

Write it down and keep track. If you continue losing, then you can handle some screwups. If you stall, then you know you have to be super-strict. Consider it an experiment and don't beat yourself ...

Jul 6th 2012
Jun 26th 2012
Icandoit commented on Chippah's reply:

Sounds amazing! I'm going to try this. I always make the same old sesame kale sauteed in olive oil - this sounds like a great alternative.

Jun 26th 2012

When did birthdays become all about the cake anyway? A trick I sometimes use is deflection. Carb pusher: "Here have some cake." Me: &...

Jun 15th 2012

Arguing tends to escalate. A simple "no thank you" should suffice. You don't owe anyone an explanation.

Jun 15th 2012
Jun 13th 2012
Icandoit replied to Leogurl's question:

Menstrual Cycle Changes- Totally Miserable

Did you change anything else in your schedule? Less/more exercise? Are you stressing like crazy over the diet? I've skipped a month before due to stress, and exercise helps me with pms. I didn't n...

Jun 8th 2012
Icandoit replied to ebacklund's question:

Fruit, How bad is it really?

Depends on your goals and which fruits you're talking about. If you're prepping for a string bikini photo shoot in 3 weeks and/or you're the kind of person who freaks out when loss slows a little ...

Jun 5th 2012
Icandoit commented on Sarah4345's reply:

Did your body fat or total inches change? I just bought some Green Coffee Bean through a Groupon deal. I'm going to try it when my PAGG supply run...

May 31st 2012

I've never been a big fan of pawing through racks, but my clothing budget and inch loss might force me to get into the spirit of finding those hid...

May 31st 2012

OK, If you twist my arm I will have both the delicious bullet coffee and the lentils/beans. : ) Have I mentioned that this "diet" rocks...

May 30th 2012

Just tried one this morning with cinnamon - OMG delicious!!! Is there a reason not to have this on an SCD day? Why cheat day only? I'm going to tr...

May 29th 2012
Icandoit commented on SuperNel's reply:

re: feeling full with less food - me, too! I keep buying/ordering too much on cheat day and giving it to my non-SCD boyfriend: "Here - eat th...

May 28th 2012
Icandoit replied to dramaqueenactor's question:

Fell off the wagon...:(

It happens. I was traveling and visiting family a lot in April/May and I had to balance staying on SCD with being an obnoxious house guest and ruining the visits. I managed to lose a little, but n...

May 25th 2012
Icandoit replied to FloridaMike's question:

Exercise / Weight Loss Help Needed

Congratulations on your progress so far!! I would LOVE to consistently lose 1 lb per week. Assuming you haven't been letting little cheats slip in to your SCD... How are your measurements? Los...

May 25th 2012
Icandoit replied to Optics's question:

So tired of cooking . . .

Make big batches! Somewhere on this forum is an example of a guy who preps all his food for the week in advance - there's a picture of his refrigerator packed with containers. I'm not that organiz...

May 25th 2012
May 20th 2012
Icandoit voted for sirspiffy's reply to:
May 20th 2012

HI Mooncrossed - You're not the only one with slow but somewhat steady progress. I also read other people's posts about losing at twice (3x!) my r...

May 15th 2012
May 10th 2012
May 8th 2012
Icandoit replied to Minnesota's question:

Check-in Time! -- April !

Yes, April was hectic. I was traveling at the beginning and knew it would be a challenge, but I did manage to be about 80% compliant on the road - no gains. Then I guess I thought it would be 'ea...

May 7th 2012

re: "The goal as in any diet is to create a caloric deficit so try counting calories and decreasing them overall." That sounds like trad...

May 4th 2012

Are you sure you're getting enough calories for all the exercise you're doing? Your protein sources look really lean. Are you getting enough "...

May 4th 2012
Icandoit replied to Gretchen Linden's question:

Are you told "high protein" diets are dangerous?

I used to say the same thing when people told me they were doing Atkins. We've been so brainwashed that fat is bad/whole grain carbs are good that it will take a ton of evidence to convince people...

May 3rd 2012
Apr 30th 2012