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    May 14th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Hal Taylor's question:

    20 grams of protein per meal?

    nope, that's correct. however, to get 20 grams of protein, you'd need to consume say 100 g of tuna or chicken and so forth

    May 14th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to aaxius's question:

    Week One Complete!

    kudos for not feeling sugar pangs. it's been over a year for me and i'm still crazy about sugar. however, other goals are more important so sugar gets prioritized way low. hope you're getting en...

    May 13th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Amanda Ridding's question:

    Anyone familiar with the UltraEndurance training program?

    i believe that means 2 sets of 8 reps with 180 seconds rest after

    May 13th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Suzanne Roberts's question:

    SICK OF EGGS!!! Breakfast help?

    even though someone already mentioned tuna, i just thought i'd add anecdotal info: i had/have gotten of hard boiled eggs too. so yesterday i did chicken and today i did tuna. and got more protei...

    May 1st 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Ashleigh Fiddler's question:

    Soy Sauce???

    just check the label - if it's made from soy and doesnt have wheat, by all means use some

    Apr 23rd 2013

    The weight helps though for calculating protein content. for instance, 100 g of lean beef will give you ~20% meat protein and so on

    Apr 17th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to A B's question:

    Not sure where to begin

    for the food part, it's easiest to get a small kitchen/food scale. easiest to aim for is 30 g of protein per meal. (can of tuna == 29/30/31 g of protein) alternatively, some people recommend 1/2...

    Apr 10th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Mike Anthony's question:

    Are sugar/carbs uppers? No- seriously, are they?

    that's a very good thought. the addictive effects of sugars and bread (as an example of carbs) are rather well observed. as long as the body gets them / is conditioned in getting them, happy sta...

    Mar 25th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Meghan KG's question:

    New Here - Meal Plan Help

    canned beans are just fine - but don't buy the ones in syrup or tomato paste or the baked variety. just get the basic canned stuff and rinse the living snot out of them. (your guts will thank you...

    Mar 13th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to willydogusa's question:

    Bresaola and Prosciutto crudo

    Really hard to add anything to what Ruby / other posters mentioned. So here's my view: Nothing wrong with meats - your diet basically becomes paleo instead of slow carb. the only issue is the sa...

    Mar 13th 2013
    sabre2hopes commented on G G's reply:

    Seconding this - start when you want. i've been sick for the past couple of weeks and havent done anything but have maintained my weight loss

    Jan 29th 2013
    Jan 17th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Jason Walker Jason Walker's tip:


    wow. i had no idea. hmmm now the question is what kind of LDL does one have

    Jan 17th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Dustin Scherer's question:

    Recipe Critique - Chicken Wings

    that looks awesome. damnit, now i want wings

    Jan 17th 2013

    so my numbers are: 170 hdl 270 ldl

    Jan 16th 2013

    Wheat Belly was a huge eye opener for me. I got blood work done for the first time last month and will post up the numbers. However, my doctor tol...

    Jan 15th 2013

    nearly forgot - how's the water intake?

    Jan 14th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to leblanc's question:

    2 weeks with unexpected results

    you could try intermittent fasting - that works quite decently. one thing i've noticed is cutting out / reducing salt. that sodium buildup causes water retention. soda / sugar / wheat or corn an...

    Jan 14th 2013

    you gotta be careful with that site - a lot of stuff there is just plain incorrect. cucumbers are actually fine

    Jan 14th 2013

    well, 2 things - you can get bacon without sugar in it. even regular pork based bacon can/has sugar on it depending on how it was cured.

    Jan 14th 2013
    Jan 14th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Jordan Dinning's question:

    I don't think it's working!

    i'd remove the almond milk. also, is there any sugar in your turkey bacon? the beans - are they from a can or fresh? (canned beans can contain sugar)

    Jan 14th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to David Caceres Del Castillo's question:

    PAGG, once a day might give some help in the results?

    first of all, you dont need the PAGG stack (the book says so - and i offer myself as an anecdotal sample - still lost weight after stopping it). secondly, if you're going to invest the money in i...

    Jan 10th 2013
    sabre2hopes commented on wombat's reply:

    if i have to get takeout from a chinese place near by (their beef and broccoli is awesome), i always ask for: - no corn starch - no salt - no suga...

    Jan 10th 2013

    read the book? waking/breakfast: AGG lunch: AGG dinner: AGG bedtime: PAG

    Jan 10th 2013

    ah - never used it and i'm a 40 pound lighter wonder

    Jan 10th 2013

    well, 1 pill for AGG and 1 pill for PAG: this is what i used - based on recommendations of people from this forum / offline: http://www.paretonut...

    Jan 9th 2013

    best way is to test it out - try it without and see if it changes anything. but i doubt it'll make a diff.

    Jan 9th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Brenda Bello's question:

    Is the use of PAGG / other supplements sustainable long term?

    i dont know what the super cissus is. but the pagg supplements you can buy as a single pill - so that would be 4 pills per day for the pagg stack (agg x 3, pag x 1) as goes the b complex aspect,...

    Jan 9th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to Travis Mitchell's question:

    Flax seed oil everyday?

    i dont think there's anything amiss with taking flax seed oil everyday. why do you think the diet says it's a no no?

    Jan 9th 2013
    sabre2hopes replied to December Jones's question:

    Anyone out there?

    Does Richmond Hill count? (no, not anywhere near VA)

    Jan 8th 2013
    Dec 18th 2012
    sabre2hopes replied to Elizabeth Dietzmann's question:

    Pareto Nutrition's PAGG stack

    i believe many people here have. i tried it too after trying the individual stuff at first. and pareto's stuff was cheaper and easier to push down.

    Dec 18th 2012

    impressive. just impressive

    Dec 18th 2012
    sabre2hopes replied to Tiffany Thiessen's question:

    First week breakfast question

    i would say that's fine. you've got the 30 g covered (it's a lot of egg whites, but hey, if it works for you) i dont think you'd have an issue adding other foods during the day for lunch / dinner...

    Dec 18th 2012

    what he said. i recall another poster (and i apologize i cannot recall who) saying that it's not like you suddenly gain a couple of pounds after ...

    Dec 14th 2012
    sabre2hopes replied to Ben2TheMax's tip:

    Very interesting article re: gluten & wheat

    get the book 'wheat belly' as mentioned in the article. it was a real eye opener

    Dec 13th 2012

    why would you do that?

    Dec 6th 2012
    sabre2hopes replied to Sabina G's question:

    No egg breakfast ideas wanted

    another option is a can of tuna with mustard / avocado / etc

    Dec 6th 2012
    sabre2hopes replied to Dawn George's question:

    What abt Spiru-tein protein powder?

    never heard of that protein powder, but i don't think soy/rice protein would be a good thing. you could just go the tuna route - a can of tuna (skipjack) in the morning will get you into the 30 g...

    Dec 5th 2012

    i think you're ok on the avocado aspect - you need fat to burn fat anyway. Though I can't handle a whole avocado - I normally do 1/2 with tuna

    Dec 5th 2012

    damned... can't edit a comment - i'm down to 3 days of cardio/strength/general-masochism if it helps

    Nov 22nd 2012

    just writing to say nothing wrong with olive oil. it's possible you may be exercising too much and hence building up muscle (which isn't a bad thi...

    Nov 22nd 2012
    sabre2hopes replied to Wendy Maldonado's question:

    This is probably the best before and after pic I have right now..I need to look for more..only went from 157 to 149

    I'd say stunning in both before and after. But congratulations on the pounds droppage

    Oct 31st 2012
    sabre2hopes replied to Senshin's tip:
    Oct 2nd 2012