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My 4HB Goal: Lose some weight. Build some muscle. Test out the SCD as described in the 4HB







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Mar 18th 2013
puckoff7337 replied to klangtone's question:

Seitan for protein

Hemp protein is a great source of protein... seitan is made from wheat so its not ideal (better than other forms of wheat possibly but still not ideal)

Mar 18th 2013
puckoff7337 replied to Tom Lagan's question:

Awful and embarrassing question

Are you washing the gook off your beans to avoid farts from this? Someone else suggested Bean-o but I have always found ginger to help with this problem. G'luck!

Mar 18th 2013
Mar 18th 2013
puckoff7337 replied to Donevon Howard's question:

Barbell Squat

Hate to break it to you but squats are the ultimate exercise. I think it pays to get a (even a cheap) squat rack... you can find one on amazon for ~300 bucks. trust me, dont skimp here, you'll...

Mar 18th 2013
puckoff7337 replied to ceco question:

What are your favorite modifications to plan?

I read another book called metabolism miracle which had many similarities to the SCD plan listed in 4HB While I recommend the book because of the great explanations of how the body works (more in...

Aug 8th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to Dash4's question:

Want to lose body fat, not weight..

Listen don't get too confused, weight is not a great indicator just something easier to track. I would say you should not focus on weight but rather focus on decreasing your body fat % (get it me...

May 25th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to thetruejordan's question:

New to this looking to clarify info

Hey Jordan, Looks like an intense program... what exactly are your goals here? building lean muscle mass and cutting fat at the same time can be tough. Are you still find you're making strengt...

May 25th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to Minnesota's question:

To you mothers here on the forum

Happy Mother's Day to you too

May 25th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to sly's question:

Help, please! I dont know why its not working!!

Hey Sly Girl, Relax Plateaus happen to all of us. One thing that I think would help would be if you had a food journal (do the flash diet for a day or two) and see if that makes a difference...

May 25th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to dramaqueenactor's question:

Fell off the wagon...:(

Hey you know what? You could have lost weight but hopefully you didn't gain too much right? If you didn't gain or only gained a little I think there is nothing wrong with taking some time off, e...

May 25th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to kannett's question:

No grass fed beef at trader joes?

Which Trader Joe's? The one in the city has it.

May 25th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to lalasf's question:

Trader Joes Refried "Salsa Style" beans

Should be fine The sugar is probably from the tomato paste but 2 grams is not too much... just keep an eye on the serving size and perhaps consider it a food to eat in moderation. Let me kn...

May 25th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to cmox's question:

Potassium Supplement

I usually get my supplements from Amazon, have you tried this: http://www.amazon.com/Nature-Made-Potassium-Gluconate-Tablets/dp/B0... Is there a specific reason you are looking for potassium?

May 25th 2012
May 25th 2012

Yea thats intense, how much did you lose over that 100 days? Did it fall back off quickly? I also took time away in April (22 days in Japan) but ...

May 25th 2012

Muscle-wise I haven't really seen much visible progress but I have been increasing weight on most of my exercises so even I just maintain the musc...

May 24th 2012

Hey that link is very interesting... definitely a lot of good info! I have been doing 1 of my workouts on my cheat day and 1 on a regular day. ...

May 24th 2012

Overdog - What body fat monitor did you get? Hyperzx - I will respond on your other post

May 24th 2012

Thanks your kind words gretchenlin - Remember to not skip the PAGG supplements. If you got down to an old weight you may have "squeezed the...

May 13th 2012
puckoff7337 shared a tip:

Life is good!

Hey guys just wanted to give a little encouragement to those out there who are just starting out or struggling to break through a plateau.... today, for the first time since 2010 I saw the scale s...

May 11th 2012

FYI I am still on SCD I am just gonna look to this more when I am ready to come off

May 11th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to Britbird's question:

Insulin index

Another thing to note is that beans and lentils are high in fiber. There is another book I have read, Metabolism Miracle (highly recommend it btw) and her diet (initially) is very close to SCD. ...

May 11th 2012
May 8th 2012

End result: Gained ~1 lb while building muscle (again not sure exactly how much) This month I am going back to straight SCD to lose weight and w...

May 8th 2012

Well what an adventure its been. Basically in March I did OP on top of SCD. I treated training days as cheat days and included carbs w/ either l...

May 8th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to Overdog's question:

OP w/o fat gain... Is there a compromise?

Yes I think that will work well. Actually I had success treating my lifting days on OP as a cheat day (not binge but eat more freely including carbs) but I think what you are trying to do should ...

May 8th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to thatruth34pp's question:

Friend's Father tried 4 hour body says best results for him

Tim actually says 5 days is fine, he suggests using 6 days on and 1 day for a cheat day so you can align with the rest of humanity cuz lets face it, cheat days are more fun on the weekend! That ...

Apr 13th 2012

So did you try this ever? I did and it worked pretty well, check here: http://4hourpeople.com/question/8322/SCD-Occam-s-Protocol

Mar 31st 2012

shoulders above waist level

Mar 31st 2012

I did have a DEXA scan in mid Jan at the start and was at an embarrassing 35% body fat... a week ago I hopped on a tanita body fat scale (feet onl...

Mar 31st 2012

Well Time for my update! So I haven't been actively tracking my body fat because I dont have a good way to do so but my weight has stayed pretty ...

Mar 31st 2012
puckoff7337 replied to jdahla's question:

Start of Day 2

Congrats and welcome to the SCD!!!! Yea I saw 3 or 4 lbs on my first day, and I hate to break the bad news but you can't expect that kind of progress everyday. I think a big part of it is the foo...

Mar 16th 2012

Thats an excellent point, I just need to make sure I don't end up eating MORE because I eat more frequently, smaller meals is a good idea for sure...

Mar 9th 2012
Mar 9th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to Paula30's question:

What do you do with the cinnamon?

I don't think that would taste very good lol I put it in either coffee or in tea I have tried to cook with it but I haven't had much luck so far (haven't tried really lol) Also would be good ...

Mar 9th 2012
puckoff7337 blogged:

SCD + Occam's Protocol

Hello all, Well it has been a long thought provoking week. I still want to lose weight and was thinking of doing the SCD for another month but I decided that it might be worth trying OP because...

Mar 7th 2012
puckoff7337 commented on Jake's reply:

Excellent response

Mar 7th 2012

Would you say then if I am still worried about losing weight I should hold off before starting OP and do more SCD? Maybe just alternate them? I ...

Mar 1st 2012
puckoff7337 replied to koolsome's question:

Body recomposition - adding muscle while reducing fat

I am also interested in this question.

Mar 1st 2012
puckoff7337 replied to mygrin's blog post:

Week 8 update

That's awesome dude! I know exactly how you feel too... its like, now that I have unlocked the secrets to fat lass, can't we just hurry up and lose all this fat!??! But as Akane said it just ta...

Feb 26th 2012
puckoff7337 replied to Marie_Mtl's question:

1 month on the SCD and only weight gain :(

Hey there. Stick it out, you will get through it. - Have you measured total inches? Do you feel/see any tightening up? Have you tried some other form of body fat measurements? - I am no ex...

Feb 23rd 2012

haha not sure I can do that, what if I lie really still instead seriously though, I usually eat scrambled eggs w/ veggies and maybe bacon! but ...

Feb 23rd 2012

Keep up the good work !

Feb 23rd 2012