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My 4HB Goal: Target weight - 75 kg.



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Thanks for that. Well I certainly will be back on it...not sure I like the idea though that that was my blow out day:)

Feb 3rd 2012
georgeandlily asked a question:

Had a blow out on a non-blow out day!

Well I have been on the SCD for two and a half weeks. Progress has been good with both weight and measurements coming down (although these may be slowing down). Both last week and this week I had ...

Feb 3rd 2012

Thnaks for that. I agree that this is all about following the guidelines but also working out what best works for you. I think TF is all about exp...

Jan 20th 2012

Ah good one...thought that might be the answer!

Jan 18th 2012
Jan 18th 2012
georgeandlily blogged:

Member intro: CJ

In the last 2 years I have gained 14 kg and now weigh 89kg. No more I say! At age 42 I need to turn back time and reach my goal of 75kg. I have trained in the gym regularly without losing the weig...

Jan 17th 2012