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My 4HB Goal: Lose 40lbs



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    I'm almost 6' 1". I was shooting for 190lbs. but have had such success continuing to drop and still have a small stomach "pooch" t...

    Jul 13th 2012

    I definitely think it was the extra protein.

    Jul 12th 2012
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    From 228 to 184 in 12 months - Plateau Breakthrough

    All, This has been a life changing experience. 12 months ago my blood pressure was at 150/90 and my Doctor said I was going to start having serious health issues if I didn't get it down. Someho...

    Jul 12th 2012
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    Feb 24th 2012
    Ebescoby blogged:

    Member intro: Life Changing

    One year ago I had my annual physical. I'm 57 years old, I weighed 220# (I'm 6'1" so the weight didn't show too badly) my blood pressure was 150/90 and my cholesterol was up. My Doctor said...

    Feb 24th 2012
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    Go Beyond the Kettlebell Swing

    So you read the book, got the kettlebell, and did the swing over a thousand times by now. As fun as it is, it's probably about time you expanded yo...

    Feb 24th 2012
    Ebescoby is doing a tutorial!

    The Thor Workout Part 2: Kettlebell Circuit 2

    Get the 3 official fat-cutting kettlebell routines that Chris Hemsworth used to lean down for the role of Thor. Chris's trainer Michael Knight deve...

    Feb 24th 2012