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I thought I saw in Tim's book that tempeh was acceptable. Did I read it wrong? I'll have to pull thebook out and check.

Jan 21st 2012
Jan 21st 2012
angelafranklin asked a question:

Fake meat ok?

.I am a vegetarian that gets bored with food very easily and am already tired of eating beans all the time. I like crunch and different textures. One option is 'fake meat' products. I know soy ...

Jan 19th 2012

As a vegetarian I have a hard time getting enough protein without eating a lot of beans, although I agree the calories start to add up.

Jan 15th 2012

I eat tofu but usually get the fried tofu at restaurants because it has a much better texture. I'm not sure if it is ok SCD though. I've just st...

Jan 14th 2012

Learning SCD and how to use forum is definitely a lot to do. Thanks for both answers. I think I can handle the idea of starting with one meal at...

Jan 14th 2012
angelafranklin asked a question:

Vegetarian Overwhelmed - Where to start?

I am a vegetarian who read hte book about the slow carb diet but I am very overwhelmed. I'm not sure where to start and how to keep all the 'rules' in my head. How do I get enough protein withou...

Jan 14th 2012
angelafranklin blogged:

Member intro: Running out of hope...

I am 40+ and none of my dreams seem to come true. I'm not married. I don't have children. I have been trying to lose weight all of my life. I'm stuck right now and need a jump start. I have l...

Jan 14th 2012