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Dustin_Lund asked a question:

Chia Coffee Cream Dessert

Just thought I would share this recipe with the group, It seems like it could easily be modified to fit this diet. I hope someone gives it a try and lets us know how it is. I might try next week. ...

Apr 12th 2012
Dustin_Lund commented on Jake's reply:

Yep, exactly what I was thinking, I keep a jar of coconut oil and unsalted butter around exactly for the days I can't do the black coffee thing. I...

Mar 2nd 2012
Mar 2nd 2012
Dustin_Lund asked a question:

The myth of the eight-hour sleep

The myth of the eight-hour sleep By Stephanie Hegarty BBC World Service Read the Article

Feb 26th 2012
Dustin_Lund asked a question:

Roasting Vegetables

Does roasting SCD friendly vegetables in the oven cause them to be more likely to spike insulin levels? I have done this twice, and realize they taste too amazing, it doesn't seem right. A little...

Feb 23rd 2012

I second this idea, having to host a picture some where is sooooo old school!

Feb 22nd 2012
Dustin_Lund replied to gracefulklutz's question:

Buttered Coffee?

Here is a video explaining how to make it, I also add coconut oil ,it gives it a nice flavor. Or you can read about how to make it: Here

Feb 20th 2012

Wonderful, I can;t wait to see your Chart! It's always fun to go back to to see how things are gradually changing even though the end of week resu...

Feb 18th 2012
Dustin_Lund replied to JemmaJolie's question:

How much do you lose per week?

Male / 6'3" / 27 yrs Average .94 Kg (2 lbs) per week, but this is not a consistent weekly thing, it is big weeks and small weeks added together. You can see this below.

Feb 17th 2012

Hey Sam, I never heard that ketosis can slow down weight loss, I thought it was a sure fire way to keep fat loss going strong, I cut beans out sin...

Feb 11th 2012
Dustin_Lund asked a question:

Last Mile: How to kick a "stall" in the BUTT!

I've jumped on board the Intermittent Fasting train. I know small losses every weak is what should be expected, especially since I am not technically adhering to the Last Mile schedule, I am just ...

Feb 10th 2012
Dustin_Lund commented on mygrin's reply:

Nice Jemma, I haven't had Chips and salsa in quite a while, Is there a particular brand or do you go to a restaurant that makes them fresh? I just...

Feb 8th 2012

I just made them an hour ago, after 15 min at 400 degrees F (204 C), the eggs are NOT runny on the inside.

Feb 6th 2012

Nice, I appreciate your style of cheat day, and have feel I am becoming a follower of the same idea, grazing all day but never binging... I did it...

Feb 4th 2012

Yeah, I am all about the peanut butter cups, I recede a package from my Brother with 2 ginormous cups, one went into a chocolate smoothie a few we...

Feb 4th 2012

Nice list there Gretchenlin! I haven't had myself a good plate of nachos in quite some time, you might have just added to my list for next week I...

Feb 3rd 2012
Dustin_Lund replied to jayson's question:

Korean foods question

I have found a good mix to be Grey Poupon Mustard and Mayonnaise... just the right amount of spice and creaminess, both are allowed on the diet (Mayonnaise in Moderation)

Feb 3rd 2012
Dustin_Lund asked a question:

What are you having for Cheat Day :-)

I have found my biggest craving is always for crunchy, sweet, granola cereal, with milk and if possible, the mix will have some chocolate pieces thrown in there.... mmmm

Feb 3rd 2012
Dustin_Lund asked a question:

Are We Part of a Revolution?

Hey all, I was reading around concerning LCHF diets, and this video came into my sights, comes from a Swedish doctor who has an ambitious spirit in promoting something similar to what we are all a...

Feb 1st 2012

Mmm.. I think a slow cooker will be one of my next purchases, Our flat has horrible heating and as we speak, I am wrapped in a blanket dreaming of...

Jan 30th 2012

Oh my goodness, I am going to make that sausage today! When I first arrived to Sweden, the sausages here are wonderful, but they have been missing...

Jan 30th 2012
Dustin_Lund commented on Jake's reply:

Nice, I made squash for the first time on this diet a few days ago... wonderful flavor, almost like candy , how do you cook the legs?

Jan 30th 2012
Dustin_Lund asked a question:

Everybody Share Their Meals!

This weeks meals are ready to go! What are some of the other options people are making today/tonight? Let's see how many pictures we can get up here!

Jan 29th 2012

You are correct about the sugar being in the citron/pepper spice I use, but the strange thing ids I always see the largest drop in weight the next...

Jan 27th 2012

On another note, I remember reading in your comments to someone else you thoroughly enjoy black coffee now, I would like to suggest a stovetop esp...

Jan 27th 2012

Well, I understand the cream issue, and since I am American, but currently living in Sweden, I cannot find the exact products I use on the nutriti...

Jan 27th 2012
Dustin_Lund replied to Rodrigo Flamenco's blog post:

First Results in 11 Days!!!

Nice to hear the good news! You will for sure freak her and many others in the future! ~Dustin

Jan 27th 2012
Dustin_Lund asked a question:

Tweaking Suggestions (Month 1 Results)

Hello once again 4 Hour People! My first month's results are below along with my typical meals throughout the week. I am asking for suggestions from the more experienced ones out there of things ...

Jan 27th 2012

I enjoy a glass of Whiskey a few nights a week, and have not been effected. But I also keep a close record of everything and can see what effects ...

Jan 26th 2012
Dustin_Lund replied to Falcon76's question:


My experience has been similar to yours, if not worse, I usually only see a break below the previous weeks low on the day before my cheat day, I have been doing this for 4 weeks now, and this is...

Jan 26th 2012

I find this combination to work out really well, and make six tupperware packs and store them in the fridge... 100g Frozen Spinach 1.5 Hard Boil...

Jan 25th 2012

Count me in too, I believe I started the same time as you both, my goal is to break the 88 Kg mark this week

Jan 23rd 2012
Jan 22nd 2012

@mygrin - thanks for the motivation, I think having results posted for everyone to see helps out the newer followers of the diet, to see what one ...

Jan 21st 2012

I don't recall any additional bathroom trips out of the ordinary, I have had significantly less to push through it seems like ever since I began t...

Jan 21st 2012
Dustin_Lund asked a question:

Week 3 - Update (WingStop Lemon Pepper)

Weight / Km - Time W1 92 / 3.0 - 20:00 92 / 3.0 - 19:45 92 / 3.0 - 17:30 92 / 3.0 - 22:35 91 / 3.0 - 19:20 -1.0 Kg / 15 Km W2 93 / 8.0 - 60:00 91.5 ...

Jan 20th 2012
Dustin_Lund replied to Ahmed Arabi's question:

How many cups of coffee can I have?

Yep, it's true, all you want, I even did some reading around on the net to find out if I can include it in my fluid intake for the day, and many say it can, especially if you drink it consistently...

Jan 18th 2012
Dustin_Lund replied to Levi's question:

Eating intervals

I am only 2 weeks into the eating style myself, and I have not made any effort to time meals, I only ate as I felt hungry. I have had results that seem typical to what I have read others have expe...

Jan 15th 2012

Yeah, I have seen "The Last Mile", but I'm not sure I can commit to eating every three hours, but I'm sure I can become convinced by thi...

Jan 14th 2012

Thanks! Pancakes and Muffins galore!

Jan 14th 2012

Ideally I would want to get down to 85 Kg, I am mostly just looking for body fat reduction, and then attempt to maintain the weight and increase l...

Jan 14th 2012
Dustin_Lund asked a question:

Results After 2 Weeks

Weight / Km - Time 92 / 3.0 - 20:00 92 / 3.0 - 19:45 92 / 3.0 - 17:30 92 / 3.0 - 22:35 91 / 3.0 - 19:20 -1.0 Kg / 15 Km Week 2 93 / ...

Jan 13th 2012
Dustin_Lund replied to shirley_c's question:

6 days in to SCD and not losing

I was also scared my first week as I did not lose anything until the day before cheat day, and then it crashed a kilo, I just finished my second week and it has taken off, I was strict and drank w...

Jan 13th 2012

Thanks! I am glad to be here.

Jan 12th 2012