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kimpossible replied to sunshine123's question:

4HB and NYC ?

Try, I used it last time I was in NYC, works like charm. I wish they build some way to record good places so we can share what works here.

Oct 1st 2011
Oct 1st 2011
Oct 1st 2011
kimpossible replied to 4HourBod's tip:

Twitter done

How about adding options (for those of use that want it) to auto post questions out to twitter too and invite friends. Also sharing my twitter on my profile would be cool. P.S. Facebook too muc...

Oct 1st 2011
Oct 1st 2011
Aug 10th 2011
Aug 10th 2011
kimpossible replied to ajgoldman's question:
Jul 17th 2011
kimpossible replied to purplechrissy66's question:

Member intro: diet plan question

Check under challenges, there is a lot of good receipts.

Jul 17th 2011
Jun 23rd 2011
kimpossible replied to ceco question:

BLOG: Six Pack Challenge Day 9

Shaping nicely, I might try that 30 day thing. Summer is coming.

Jun 23rd 2011

Thank you!

Jun 23rd 2011
kimpossible asked a question:

Slow-carbing with a significant other

For those in a relationship, do you think it's easier to succeed if you diet together, or when you do your own thing? I think motivation-wise, it's easier, but food-preparation-wise, it's harder. ...

Jan 26th 2011