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    Egreeson egreeson replied to Martn Zucal's question:

    how to quit SCD diet?

    I maintain eating SCD diet but will have a cheat day or two then return to eating correctly. I'll gain a few pounds but they come right off. Eating carbs always will increase your weight so your s...

    Oct 26th 2013
    Egreeson egreeson replied to Calley Nye's question:

    It's been 4 weeks and I haven't lost anything!

    Hi Calleynye..I did exactly like off the diet for 6 mos & slowly gained until I found myself up almost 20 lbs.. This second time around, I (lilke you) see the weight loss is much &qu...

    Aug 14th 2012
    Egreeson egreeson replied to Caren Jackson's question:

    What is your biggest struggle on SCD?

    Hi try Oscar Meyer turkey bacon NOT Jenny just pop it in the microwave. I eat 2 eggs (over medium) and 3 turkey bacon strips every morning. I may be a little short of 30g of pro...

    Aug 14th 2012

    Magnesium before bed really does work!

    Feb 18th 2012
    Egreeson egreeson replied to KimCo's question:

    Women Please Post Sample Meals

    I am losing at a very steady rate & eat really good! Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs & turkey bacon with hot tea (stevia & tbsp creamer). Lunch & Dinner: Roast beef or chicken, plus...

    Jan 24th 2012
    Egreeson egreeson replied to 4hbwoman's question:

    Sugar Free Jello?

    I eat two cups of sugar free jello everyday and the weight is still dropping off. Maybe my weight would drop off faster if I stop eating the jello, but it makes me feel like I'm not dieting; just ...

    Jan 13th 2012
    Egreeson egreeson replied to matthewt's question:

    Cottage Cheese?

    I eat 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of 2% cottage cheese mixed with 1/4 cup of sugar free jello after getting off work at 10:30 pm. Just enough to wipe out my starvation & the weight keeps coming off!

    Jan 11th 2012
    Egreeson egreeson replied to never_ever's question:

    Foods to avoid on Cheat Day?

    I love having my sweets on Cheat Day too! Always surprised when I can't eat as much of them as I orginally intended. Hence, this really is a miracle diet for me. The one food that I have started t...

    Jan 11th 2012

    Thank you!

    Jan 7th 2012
    Egreeson egreeson replied to inara's question:

    enough proteins for breakfast

    Everyday I eat 2 hardboiled eggs & 3 slices of turkey bacon (Oscar Meyer NOT JennyO).

    Jan 7th 2012
    Egreeson egreeson replied to mranderson's question:

    What slow-carb desserts are allowed?

    I eat sugar free jello & sometimes after work if Im starving, mixed with cottage cheese.

    Jan 7th 2012
    Egreeson egreeson replied to jplang11's question:

    How to fit Chipotle in this diet?

    I made the mistake of adding some cheese to the fajita bowl at Chipotles & gained 1/2 pound next day.

    Jan 7th 2012
    Egreeson egreeson blogged:

    Member intro: egree

    Love this slow carb diet!

    Jan 7th 2012
    Egreeson egreeson replied to Kathrynne1's question:

    Sugar Cravings, what helps?

    I eat sugar free jello.

    Jan 7th 2012