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Very moving story, thank you for sharing. I commend your journey.

Apr 2nd 2012
LauraCox replied to bigwoz's question:

Missing: 35.2 pounds. If found, do NOT return to me!!

Congratulations, you have made incredible progress! Thank you for sharing your photos and tracking your progress. I can only imagine what will happen if you keep going!

Apr 2nd 2012
LauraCox replied to scrappier's blog post:

Member intro: Your body is your temple.

Great story, welcome to the community. Yes, you can drink cold water, I do every morning, but it's the shivering from the ice bath that actually causes your body to burn fat. So next time you're o...

Apr 1st 2012
LauraCox replied to roberdingo's blog post:

SCD Success Story: roberdingo

Wow! Excellent job, you look like the incredible hulk! Thanks so much for posting your detailed routine and daily slow carb diet meal plan. You're an inspiration to our members and now they can fo...

Feb 27th 2012
Feb 25th 2012
LauraCox replied to ritaexample's blog post:

Starting the scd today (2/19/12).

Welcome, and good luck!

Feb 25th 2012
LauraCox replied to Dustin_Lund's question:

Roasting Vegetables

I don't know about vegetables, but it definitely applies to beans--the longer you cook them, the higher the glycemic index.

Feb 24th 2012
Feb 24th 2012
LauraCox replied to slowcarbAnnie's blog post:

Member intro: looking to lose half my body weight

Check out our superstar member Akane's journey: She lost an astonishing 100 pounds since last May and is a true testament to...

Feb 20th 2012
LauraCox commented on LauraCox's reply:

Thank you. It's people like you who make it all worthwhile! I am spreading your story to everyone...

Feb 20th 2012
LauraCox replied to Aya's blog post:

Member intro: can

Hmm, I've done both P90X and 4 Hour Body workout routines and it really depends on how much time you have. The P90X routines are really intense at first but get easier as time goes on, and the 4 H...

Feb 20th 2012
LauraCox replied to ViljarSaare's blog post:

Member intro: Everything starts from your mind.

'Everything starts from your mind' is a great mantra, especially for those looking to shed a few pounds. Enjoy your journey and welcome to our community!

Feb 20th 2012
LauraCox replied to JHoward495's tip:

My (Hopefully) SCD Breakfast Shake

Here's my post-workout shake recipe: It uses whey instead since it's after a workout, but I usually have casein for breakfast. It also has s...

Feb 20th 2012
LauraCox replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

Akane's Before/After Pictures :)

Akane, I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your incredible transformation with the world. It's been a real honor to witness your progress all of these months and I'm so proud of you and...

Feb 20th 2012
LauraCox replied to arctichacker's blog post:

Week 9: Arctichacker -pics of progress

Wow! You look freakin' amazing! You're super ripped in your legs & arms. Huge congrats on your awesome progression. And thank you so much for all of your great contributions & help!

Feb 20th 2012
Feb 18th 2012
LauraCox replied to f-oro's question:

30-day Six Pack Sprint

It is a sprint, but no you don't go every day to the gym--there are days off from exercising every few days (Day 3 and Day 7 are rest days for example). It is designed to be pretty high intensity ...

Feb 17th 2012
LauraCox replied to mallupappi's question:

New member...

Welcome! Great to finally have you joining us!

Feb 17th 2012
LauraCox replied to thrillseeker's blog post:

Member intro: I Want Muscles!

Wow, what a journey! I think you'll love the Geek 2 Freak program, it's pretty low maintenance and yields great results.

Feb 17th 2012
LauraCox replied to ebacklund's question:

What to use as a thickener?

As far as I know, guar gum and xanthan gum are fiber-based thickeners rather than starches, so the carbs they contain are from fiber. This is what is used in many protein shakes as thickeners and ...

Nov 11th 2011
LauraCox replied to LikkleNitty's question:

Great job on the team page!

Thanks! Yes, that's a bug we're looking into.

Nov 11th 2011
LauraCox replied to LikkleNitty's question:

Anyone having problems posting questions?

Works for me. Only unapproved member posts go into an approval queue. It is up to other members to decide whether to approve them or not. In your case, your questions should post right away. Let u...

Nov 11th 2011

Which photo did you have problems uploading?

Nov 11th 2011
LauraCox commented on Kelli's reply:

You were not approved yet, you are now.

Nov 11th 2011
LauraCox commented on ebacklund's reply:

You were not approved yet, you are now.

Nov 11th 2011
LauraCox replied to 4HourBod's blog post:

Team page and few more goodies

Also, we cleaned up the profile page a bit, hope you guys like it! More fun stuff on the way...Keep sending us your thoughts, comments, and bugs so we can continue improving things for everyone!

Nov 6th 2011
LauraCox replied to iroc8210's blog post:

Member intro: Newb.

Hi, and welcome! They say slow and steady wins the race--the more extreme you go, the harder you'll yo-yo. So just relax and take it day by day. The slow carb diet is very conducive to a nice slow...

Nov 6th 2011
LauraCox replied to Jennifer_Peck's question:

Confused about cheat day

Cheat day is a temporary suspension of all the rules for just one day every week, so dairy, pizza, etc are allowed. You can still eat a gluten-free cheat day if that's what you prefer, the only ob...

Nov 6th 2011
LauraCox replied to themiller's question:

Plateau - after 11 days

The reason why everyone plateaus after the first 10 days is because cutting out simple carbs reduces water retention, so you shed a lot of water weight in the beginning. The heavier you are, the m...

Oct 15th 2011
LauraCox replied to LizMir's question:

Back to college, back to starting weight

Remember, it's better to eat tiny amounts of 'fillers' than outright cheat. Sure there maybe a gram or two of cornstarch in the chili, or some cheese in your eggs, but trust me, that's much much h...

Oct 15th 2011
LauraCox replied to Stereochild's question:

Can I have Biltong?

I'm not familiar with biltong, but most meats are fine as long as they don't contain sugar, starch, or other fillers/artificial stuff. Obviously fresh grass-fed meat is best, but you won't be able...

Oct 15th 2011
LauraCox replied to Starlily's question:

Postpone Cheat Day if I cheated during week?

Yes, I would postpone it. Once every two weeks is even ok, if you can survive that long!

Oct 15th 2011
LauraCox replied to jodyalbritton's blog post:

30 Days Later

Rock on, great to see you had excellent results even with stevia. I've been a fan for years now and don't get sugar cravings anymore. As for muscle imbalance, I've read that you'll always be stron...

Oct 15th 2011
LauraCox commented on Steph's reply:

I moved it to Off-Topic!

Sep 23rd 2011
Sep 23rd 2011
LauraCox replied to Windom Earle's question:

Kettlebell Swing in Small Apartment?

LOL, you should be fine if you do the Russian-style swing, where you don't bring the kettlebell above your head vertically, but just bring the kettlebell up to shoulder height, parallel to the gro...

Sep 23rd 2011
LauraCox replied to Tatsu's question:

Warm shower after cold?

I'm not a doctor or anything, but a few people who play sports told me that one trick to heal sore muscles faster is to do hot/cold/hot/cold showers. Apparently this increases your circulation and...

Sep 3rd 2011
LauraCox replied to justin's tip:

How to Support 4 Hour People

Wow Justin, what can I say? I'm absolutely touched by this, your generosity is Superhuman! Everything you posted truly does help us! We definitely want to continue providing everyone with an ad-fr...

Sep 2nd 2011
LauraCox replied to natalijasaver's question:

Too much kettlebells?

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with with exercising every day, granted that you're not sore and you don't overload the weight, but you should give your body a rest once or twice a...

Sep 1st 2011
LauraCox replied to utamore's blog post:

Member intro: Texas Toast

I agree that calorie counting is an effective means of keeping yourself in check, as well as any other forms accountability such as photos, measurements, etc. Sure it's a bit more stressful in the...

Sep 1st 2011
LauraCox replied to superbootcamps's blog post:

Member intro: George Super BootCamps

Love your story, thanks for sharing...Interested in hearing more of it.

Sep 1st 2011