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Jens102 commented on BigDaddy's reply:

I disagree - it is not the explosiveness that involves more muscles when jumping but the activity itself, and that it is far more exhausting than ...

Jan 11th 2013
Nov 19th 2012
Jens102 replied to chasebald's question:

What's your weakness?

At a bakery close to my house, they sell something called 'Nougatring' Its basically cookie dough topped with ridiculously tasty fudge and then covered with chocolate...

Sep 29th 2012
Jens102 replied to Jeanne Tarazevits's question:

Exercise Induced Headaches - Weightlifting - Occams razor

Hey there of course I can only report from my very own experience - but I hope it helps anyway. Since I was a child, I have suffered from severe headaches induced by tense neck/shoulder/upper bac...

Sep 23rd 2012
Jens102 replied to jodyalbritton's question:

Tracking and Quantified Self

I just requested invite

Aug 1st 2012
Jul 29th 2012
Jens102 shared a tip:

Cheat day oh cheat day...

...where have you been all week long? Happy cheating to all Saturday cheaters out there!

Jul 28th 2012
Jens102 replied to Anthony Schneider's blog post:

Cheat Day Chocolate Ideas!

chocolate fondue with fruits!

Jul 28th 2012
Jens102 replied to MuseRay's question:

Mom hasn't lost weight since week 1

Hi, would be good to have a detailed as possible meal plan from your mom. times, types, and amounts Please keep in mind that losing weight can be more frustrating for women due to sporadic and ...

Jul 19th 2012
Jens102 replied to Jeanne Stroup's question:

Protein Powder, which one????

Hey there although my answer might not satisfy you but to me it is true none the less: It depends! on what? on you, your body, how it reacts... I just bought some proteine, tried it out and eith...

Jul 19th 2012
Jens102 commented on CarmenCR's reply:

Man, you look like a new man entirely! Good job. Thx for sharing

Jun 28th 2012
Jun 27th 2012

Thanks for that article!

Jun 24th 2012
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I am actually waiting on an answer from Amazon on the conditions for a delivery. However, Amazon is not really the cheapest vendor of that stuff. ...

Jun 24th 2012
Jens102 replied to Abe Frohman's question:

I have to modify my Occam's routine.

Since I don't have the equipment to do proper squats at home, I switched to lunges as well. I think it is in a way even more challenging than doing sqauts in 5/5 since you need to balance your wei...

Jun 23rd 2012
Jens102 commented on ltplank's reply:

Amazing stuff Jake! Just amazing. this is so very impressive - I am lost for words here!

Jun 23rd 2012
Jun 23rd 2012
Jens102 replied to rodtrueofabby's question:

60 day update

Holy shit that is amazing! It's like you are cut in half or something! Keep it up and PLEASE keep motivating us with those amazing pictures! BR, Jens

Jun 23rd 2012
Jens102 asked a question:

PAGG in Ghana

Hey guys, I really REALLY need your help! As I wrote in another post, I am currently living in Ghana, West Africa. To be more precise, I am living in the capital Accra. Prior to my arrival a mont...

Jun 23rd 2012
Jens102 commented on Minnesota's reply:

Yea it is great here! Life is easy and relaxed, people don't hustle too much - it is nice. Although it is hard to do business down here with a Eur...

Jun 22nd 2012
Jens102 blogged:

Long time no read ;)

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I haven't been around much and it is good to see that people use this platform to ask their questions, share their thoughts and successes. I am currently on ass...

Jun 21st 2012
Jens102 commented on Jake's reply:

What he said My wife and I started to not weigh ourselves until Tuesday morning (Saturday is our cheat day).

Mar 25th 2012
Mar 25th 2012
Mar 24th 2012
Jens102 replied to Megraam's question:

Losing weight, not losing fat. Help!

Hey there, How do you measure your BF% ? Cheers, Jens

Mar 23rd 2012
Jens102 replied to mygrin's blog post:

Week 11 update

Wow - very cool! I know how you feel about commitment right now...Fell off the wagon yesterday after a huge fight with my wife. It was an interesting experience though - I fell into old habits d...

Mar 20th 2012

I have to disagree with you. Following your logic, everybody that works in a physically exhausting job should be malnutrishioned since they use th...

Mar 19th 2012
Jens102 replied to Joel20042002's question:

"Damage Conrtol" - All the time

I am doing the same thing most of the time - though I am yet to experiment on what it will do to my weight loss relly. I will try the next week with DC all the same and the next only on cheat day....

Mar 18th 2012

Can't post week 11 update - we had to go to Switzerland this weekend so I wasn't able to measure and weigh myself. In addition, I somehow hurt my ...

Mar 18th 2012
Jens102 replied to Matt Lambourne's question:

Making chicken interesting

Hey there, well, I use a lot of different spices. You can buy several good curry powders - I love that! Also Cayenne pepper is a great way to heat things up. If you put a lid on the pan and if th...

Mar 14th 2012
Jens102 replied to davidnormal's blog post:

Member intro: davidnormal

Hey David, two months of pain in your mouth - I don't even want to imagine that...Hope you'll get better soon! You can learn a lot from this forum - I do every day Cheers, Jens

Mar 13th 2012
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Mar 12th 2012
Jens102 replied to nicole_7777777's question:

black olives??

There are several websites where you can check whether or not a certain food is allowed (maybe the others could repost those links - I just emptied my history and can't find them anymore...). Ther...

Mar 12th 2012
Jens102 blogged:

Week 10 update - can't be. Feel like I skipped a week or so ;)

Hey guys, so this weekend, my 10th week ended. Here are the stats: Weight: 118,6kg or 261,47lbs Meas.: 569cm or 224,02'' Lost weight last week: 0,9kg or 1,98lbs altogether 8,7kg or 19,18lbs Me...

Mar 12th 2012
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Mar 5th 2012
Mar 5th 2012

Sorry to hear that! Did you eat stuff you didn't before SCD? You will find a couple of posts were people found out through cheat days that they f...

Mar 5th 2012
Jens102 commented on Jens102's reply:

yea well - i do fall off from time to time. I don't like it but I guess it is a learning curve as well

Mar 5th 2012
Jens102 blogged:

The beast inside...

....well, today the beast inside was strong. Emptied a box of cookies...Damn, that really wasn't necessary! At least I didn't empty the truffles I guess. At least I got a good workout afterwards ...

Mar 5th 2012
Jens102 commented on Minnesota's reply:

I can second Minnesota on that one! Go all out at least once a month - it'll do wonders I hear ya about the stress...

Mar 5th 2012
Jens102 commented on Jens102's reply:

Thanks guys - I need to stay on track. Just had my blood work done and although it could have been much worse, there are some things that need to ...

Mar 5th 2012

Damn - very hot!

Mar 5th 2012
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Mar 5th 2012
Jens102 replied to Minnesota's question:

Check-in Time -- February !

Reading all those awesome stories and backgrounds, it seems so little what I can share with you guys Although it's being said on a regular basis on this site: all of you - you are my inspiration!...

Mar 3rd 2012
Jens102 replied to Aya's question:

Cheat Day - counsel me!

let me put ist this Way: I had roughly 8000 calories last saturday and have so far lost 1.4kg this week. So yea go for it!

Mar 2nd 2012