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supermark replied to crunchr's question:

Stomach aches from creatine

Creatine is unstable when when mixed with liquid, and quickly breaks down and turns into creatinine, a bio waste. Research shows that creatinine is the actual cause of all the side effects associa...

Aug 5th 2011
Jul 27th 2011

FYI, the Paleo brands have 5g of sugar per serving...

Feb 27th 2011
supermark asked a question:

Cinnamon capsules vs. Powder

I stopped drinking coffee recently, so I started taking cinnamon capsules before each meal instead of putting ground cinnamon in my coffee and it works really well. They're a little more convenien...

Jan 21st 2011
supermark asked a question:

Glass of ice water every morning

I've been drinking a glass of ice water every morning for the past 10 days just to try it. I'm not sure if it's doing anything or not. It's kind of a pain, so I'm wondering if anyone else has trie...

Jan 19th 2011
supermark asked a question:

Speed up recovery time

I want to work out more frequently so I can get bigger faster, but I'm always waiting for my muscles to recover. How can I speed up my muscle recovery time? There must be some supplements designed...

Jan 18th 2011