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My 4HB Goal: If you only do what you know you can do, you never do very much







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Sep 29th 2011

that is fat converting to lean muscle for you. search for posts on that lot of people experience same. BF is only thing that meters if you ask me....

May 25th 2011

Second that on protein shakes, you need some material to build muscles and protein shakes seems to be easiest way to get it in your body for every...

May 25th 2011

I think they should enable blogging on this site. So much more mindful to blog among people that care about it, then our random blogs around the I...

May 21st 2011
anthonyG commented on -Q-'s profile:

Cool avatar! Did you draw it?

Mar 11th 2011
anthonyG replied to a question I'm following

Bean Allergy

You're not supposed to eat sweet potatoes except for on cheat day. I've never heard of any good bean substitutes, but the book does say if you don't eat beans you should just increase your intake ...

Jan 26th 2011
anthonyG replied to a question I'm following

Am I taking the right supplements?

First off, big congrats on the amazing weight lost achieved already! Regarding beans, I just saw a great post that says cooked beans like this in soup can be just as bad on insulin as eating a piz...

Jan 25th 2011
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Jan 20th 2011
anthonyG replied to a question I'm following

Best protein shake brand

Neil used Isopure while doing Occams, I saw it at the Vitamin Shoppe but I didn't end up getting it (it's got cane sugar).

Jan 19th 2011
anthonyG asked a question:

Food/diet for Occam's protocol

What are you supposed to eat while doing Occam's protocol? In the slow-carb section it says no milk or rice, but in Occam's section there's all this stuff about milk, bananas, and macaroni.

Jan 19th 2011
anthonyG replied to a question I'm following

Speed up recovery time

Stretching is key to reducing soreness after weight lifting, yet you rarely see body builders doing it. Like someone mentioned already, stretching flushes out lactic acid buildup in your muscles. ...

Jan 18th 2011
anthonyG replied to a question I'm following

Body fat increased after 1 week

Whatever you do, don't trust the scale, the scale will lie and **** with your head. Bioimpedance scales send out an electrical current into your body, and depending on how much 'resistance' it get...

Jan 17th 2011
anthonyG replied to a question I'm following

What slow-carb desserts are allowed?

Sugar-free JELL-O (orange and strawberry are my favorite) with a spoonful of whipped cream on top saved me from cracking several times. It does contain aspartame, so if you're going to eat Jell-O,...

Jan 16th 2011