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My 4HB Goal: lose 6kgs body fat by feb 9th





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livingexperiment replied to eli3841's question:

Bod Pod surprise

Had my BodPod done yesterday and just checked out that calculator. I expected a low 20's from the pictures in the book. Online 'Calculator' says I have 21% BF BodPod 26.2% BF My Bio-Impedance wei...

Jan 6th 2012
livingexperiment replied to Tomtom's question:

Overeating, Calories, and What Has Worked Best

Another tip for overeating/feeling full I've accidentally found was when experimenting taking 30 minutes to eat a meal I would feel much more full than if I ate at my normal pace (3 minutes easy) ...

Jan 6th 2012
livingexperiment replied to riotsauce's tip:

Simply Slow Carb

I really like the idea of this as I am pretty fed up with the massive pile of dishes/pans that I have after every meal. Also interested in how you can bag/box it up for microwaving if your at work...

Jan 5th 2012
livingexperiment replied to Gretchen Linden's question:

Do hot showers reverse "BAT effect"?

Not exactly an answer but an additional piece of 'data' to add to the mix: I found a youtube video of a guy doing Ice Baths for 4HB and ended his routine with a warm shower. In the video he goes o...

Jan 3rd 2012

Thanks for the warm welcome! I take your point on the issue of weighing everyday - but the massive nerd in me makes me want to collect as much dat...

Jan 3rd 2012
livingexperiment blogged:

Losing weight to be lean again

Hi im a 25 year old guy from the UK - looking to lose the excess fat I've had for years and get to the lean body type I had when I was a teen. Experimenting with the Slow Carb Diet, 'Cold Therapy...

Jan 2nd 2012
livingexperiment replied to jbolt's question:

If Cheat day is 24 hours.... can I start at 8pm on Fri?

Yep, definitely saw a reply from Tim on his blog to this type of question - he said it's one full wake cycle. I seem to remember it was something to do with the cycle of hormones but I can't be su...

Jan 2nd 2012