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whats your fave mix of beans? Im quite keen of kidney/red beans and butter beans. Also, any suggestions how to server up lentils?

Feb 11th 2012

Thanks for that, I just wanted to confirm. I was hoping to use this as source of protein but its pretty low weight to protein!

Jan 25th 2012
theycallmejoe asked a question:

how long can you keep mixed beans?

Hi I'm planning to mix the beans I like into a sealed container and keep it in the fridge. That way I can make breakfast really quickly. I was wondering how long can I keep it in the fridge for a...

Jan 25th 2012

Can I have that list?

Jan 25th 2012
theycallmejoe asked a question:

Grid of safe foods and meals

Hi I've just started to compile a list of foods for each meal I'm planning to have on each food on a google doc. I wonder if anyone has done the same and would like to share one? I've just star...

Jan 25th 2012
theycallmejoe asked a question:

frozen spinach question

Hi On the back of the bag for frozen spinach, is the weight indicative of it frozen or when it has been defrosted and water squeezed out? As my spinach comes in block, I'm not sure how many of t...

Jan 25th 2012
Jan 18th 2012
theycallmejoe asked a question:

Types of beans

Hi I was wondering what types of beans do people consume? Any positive or negatives thoughts would be good! I'm revving up for SCB So far I know about: - kidney / red beans - pinto beans - butter...

Jan 17th 2012
theycallmejoe asked a question:

Protein bars in UK?

Can anyone recommend any protein bars for the slow carb here in the UK / Europe? I have checked a few recommended but most of them charge excessive amount for delivery from the US! Update: I'm ...

Jan 16th 2012
Jan 15th 2012
theycallmejoe asked a question:

Where does fish fit into your slow carb diet?

Hi I'm preparing myself for the slow carb diet and I'm a big fan of fish with the added bonus it appears to be a great source of protein. I'm planning to add lots of following to my weekly shop...

Jan 5th 2012
theycallmejoe blogged:

Read the book and looking to get super

I'm based in the UK and have just finished reading the book. Quite intrigued about all the ways one can improve with a small amount of effort!

Jan 2nd 2012