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Feb 19th 2012
jHarper replied to m ami.ane's question:

I'm looking for a link !

Try search, top right. Edit: --- Maybe this: http://4hourpeople.com/question/2615/how-much-protein-and-wine

May 20th 2011
jHarper replied to a question I'm following

Can I exercise on the 'Last Mile'?

While I was on Atkins and ketogenic, I went to the gym every day and did about 45 minutes of running, since on Atkins you're supposed to exercise 45 minutes each day. I think that's how I probably...

Jan 28th 2011
jHarper asked a question:

Odorless vs. Deodorized Garlic

Just to let everyone know, there's a BIG difference between odor-free garlic and deodorized garlic, at least from what I experienced. I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and bought a pack of Garlique, wh...

Jan 24th 2011
jHarper replied to a question I'm following

PAGG, does it do much?

I started taking PAGG and haven't noticed too much of a difference. I'm pretty sure the slow-carb diet and exercising is doing most of the heavy lifting. I still like to take it anyway, particular...

Jan 24th 2011
jHarper replied to a question I'm following

Ladies- changes in your period???

I've only had the opposite happen. When I was doing the Atkins diet and exercising for 45 minutes every day, my period stopped altogether, which is really bad (it can permanently thin your bones)....

Jan 23rd 2011
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Jan 20th 2011
jHarper replied to a question I'm following

Sugar-free salad dressing

If you like spinach salads, you should try Annie's Naturals Shiitake & Sesame Dressing. It's sugar-free and vegan. They sell it at Whole Foods. INGREDIENTS: EXPELLER PRESSED VEGETABLE OIL (...

Jan 18th 2011
jHarper asked a question:

Slow-carb diet for vegans?

I'm a vegan and usually eat tofu for breakfast as my source of protein, but apparently you're not supposed to eat tofu on the slow-carb diet. I can increase the beans and nuts, but are there any o...

Jan 18th 2011
jHarper asked a question:

Burn fat before building muscle?

Is it better to burn fat before building muscle or should I just focus on building muscle and burn the fat after. I'm relatively fit already, just a little excess around the edges. What's the best...

Jan 17th 2011