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My 4HB Goal: I want to be a regular sized person one day.





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Avoid clumpy casein by using hot water

For those of you who use a chocolate casein mix (I used Gold Standard). Try using warm or hot water. This really breaks down the casein much better than cold water and resembles hot chocolate. I h...

Mar 6th 2012
Dec 29th 2011
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Dec 28th 2011
Lawrence Albano replied to 42Wired's tip:

Slow Carb Diet FAQs

This tip has given my SCD new life. Thank you so much. You put my diet chaos back into perspective completely.

Dec 28th 2011
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Member intro: 4 Hour Cheater

I started the Slow Carb diet with great success in February 2011. My starting weigh-in was unknown but was probably around 390-400lbs. In June I slimmed down to 360 pending my summer vacation at t...

Dec 28th 2011
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Geek to Freak Routine at Home

For anyone who wants to do the Geek to Freak at home instead of joining a gym, here's a version of the exercises you can do with just 2 pairs of du...

Dec 28th 2011
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Starting the new year off strict as can be. Weight on 12/28/11: 383

Dec 28th 2011
Dec 28th 2011