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Wow! Great work! Love those jacked-up guns! We can start our own buff girl gang

Jun 14th 2012

Especially since you have a hot body to show off those form fitting clothes

Jun 6th 2012
arctichacker replied to Tomhole's question:

New clothes dilemma

I'd get them tailored down. When you get to your goal weight then splurge for a super-spiffy new suit! BTW, congrats on your awesome progress!

Jun 6th 2012
arctichacker replied to cowabungadudee's question:

Occam's Protocol Exercise Substitutions?

I only use the Smith for Aussie chin-ups and hanging my towel LOL! I guess you have yourself a self-experiment to do. The key is balancing enough weight and slow enough cadence to provide MED ben...

Jun 5th 2012
arctichacker replied to bigwoz's question:

Update: 49.0 pounds down. Still going strong!

Awesome BigWoz:) Say goodbye to those love handles. I'm sure that will be a tearful departure..NOT!! I don't have to tell you this but how you're eating NOW is your new NORMAL! How coolio is that?...

Jun 5th 2012
arctichacker shared a tip:

Article on body composition measurements

Link to an interesting article about body composition measurement and how to make sense of all those numbers. Hope everybody is having a great start to June!

Jun 4th 2012
arctichacker replied to Nin Nappi's blog post:


Thanks for sharing your maintenance progress! Keep up the fabulous work!

Jun 4th 2012
arctichacker replied to matt_squires's question:

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat? Occam's + SCD

In my self-experiments, I've tweaked regime that works for me that allows me to pack on some muscle with minimal fat gain. It's a hybrid of OP/SCD with a bit of Leangains thrown into the mix. It...

May 23rd 2012
arctichacker replied to koolsome's question:

Leg Press - 10 reps too much?

You're fine doing just 7-8 reps at 100kg for now. Over time, you'll be able to up that to 10. Once you are able to do 10 reps at 5/5 without failure then you up your weight to 110kg. Make sure yo...

May 23rd 2012
arctichacker replied to rodtrueofabby's question:

4 week progress :)

Congratulations Walking is great exercise! Good luck on healing that torn rotator cuff. OUCH! Keep up the great work!

May 23rd 2012
arctichacker replied to Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan's question:

Does anyone besides me in the forum like to consume alcohol?

LOL! Most of us aren't going to fess up when we've gone on a bender on this forum. I'm sure more than a few folks have the occasional booze up, myself included For the purposes of SCD, keep in ...

May 23rd 2012

So jealous! I miss the farmers markets up here. However, I do get to hunt all the local meat, bird and fish I want. Can't complain too much. Along...

May 23rd 2012

You're welcome! I love the natural sweetness of roasted veggies.

May 22nd 2012
arctichacker replied to fredthomas's question:

Terrified by Occam's Protocol

I am doing a hybrid of OP and SCD. For my workout day and the day after, I'm eating OP diet. The rest of the time I'm doing SCD with a casein shake at the end of the day. I have upped my calories ...

May 22nd 2012
arctichacker replied to Jake's question:

Minimum requirements - forgotten veggies

Great entry! I aim for 8-10 cups of mainly cruciferous or leafy green veggies per day. Half of that would be raw. I do a huge cook-up 1-2x a week of roasted, or grilled and sautéed veggies to la...

May 20th 2012
arctichacker replied to Gretchen Linden's blog post:

My first anniversary of slow carb! 5-15-12

Wheeee! Congratulations! You've been an ongoing inspiration and role model for all us here and I'm sure you're a beacon of awesomeness in real life! Keep up the fabulous work, my darling.

May 16th 2012

If I feel like it. I toss in some bodyweight exercises (pull-ups, dips, push-ups) depending on how I'm feeling.

May 15th 2012
arctichacker replied to Abe Frohman's question:

Occam's question regarding the exercises...

I sometimes add the reverse drag curl and a barbell row. More muscles get worked with a the barbell row over the Yates.

May 11th 2012
arctichacker replied to Overdog's question:

Soreness from workout A... proceed to B?

Are you waiting 2-3 days between workouts? OP has 2 days of recovery in the first couple weeks and the moves to 3 days of recovery between workouts. If you're still sore, take an extra day off. ...

May 10th 2012

According to my digital calipers I've shaved a touch off my bodyfat % this past month. I'm up a couple lbs on the scale. So, all in all, I'm going...

May 10th 2012
arctichacker replied to Overdog's question:

OP w/o fat gain... Is there a compromise?

I'm on a hybrid OP/SCD regime. I'm at my BF% goal so now I'm looking to pack on some muscle with minimal fat gains. I've been doing it so far for only a month but I'm getting some decent results. ...

May 8th 2012
arctichacker replied to Minnesota's question:

Check-in Time! -- April !

Hey Jones, It's still pretty wintry up here in the arctic. We just got another dump of snow. Certainly nowhere near summer! It was a hectic April for me as well. I spent half of it traveling for w...

May 8th 2012
arctichacker commented on Jake's reply:

Enjoy the biking weather. We're still getting snow up here. Good luck with your certification.

May 8th 2012

keep up the great work! 2 1/2 dress sizes. WOW!

May 8th 2012

Woohoo! Happy monkeys all around!

May 8th 2012

You're doing awesome! Rock those smaller pants!

May 8th 2012

Right on Akane for hitting the 120s!!

May 8th 2012

Thanks for the update! Sounds like you're getting a good handle on balancing OP with SCD!

May 8th 2012
arctichacker replied to dylan debiase's blog post:

Slow Carb Philosophy

For me it's been about recalibrating my body and it's biochemistry so I intuitively know what to eat what is best for it. Before I was all over the place due to sugar and grains. I was hungry all ...

May 8th 2012
arctichacker replied to Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan's question:

Are tomatillos allowed? They are actually a berry.

You don't need approval from us to eat or share anything They're fine in moderation. According to NutritionData they have 2 grams of carbs, one of them a sugar, the other one fibre. Which is the...

May 3rd 2012

Share away!

May 1st 2012

Thanks darling!

May 1st 2012

That's right. 30 grams minimum for breakfast. 20 grams minimum for all other meals.

May 1st 2012
arctichacker asked a question:

What 20 grams of protein looks like

Here's a link to a page that shows what different sources of 20 grams of protein looks like. It's a good visual aid for those wondering if they are getting enough. Note:Not all of these options a...

Apr 29th 2012

The kettlebells, planks, myotactic crunchs, cat vomits are all good for building a strong core That's all I used 2-3x's a week to get to the flat ...

Apr 23rd 2012

Thanks! That photo is actually of my arms before I started OP. try doing some one handed kettle bell exercises like snatches, rows and presses.

Apr 22nd 2012
arctichacker replied to jodyalbritton's blog post:

Leangains SCD Hybrid

I'm experimenting with a similar hybrid. It seemed to be a natural progression. I started just carb cycling this month along with Occam's Protocol. This last week, I started IFing. Like you, I'm...

Apr 21st 2012
arctichacker replied to Gretchen Linden's question:

Does sugar make you shaky, anxious, or increase your heart rate?

As a reformed sugar junkie I can vouch that sugar does different things to me now that before. Before, I would get a brief rush of energy and then it would level out and I would crash if I didn't ...

Apr 19th 2012
arctichacker replied to MaryC's question:

Planks...for how long?

I started out with 30 sec planks on front and sides. I slowly added 10-15 secs. Now I do 2-3 minutes each side. I only do one set. I do side star planks. For my front plank, I hold it for 2 minu...

Apr 18th 2012
arctichacker replied to koolsome's question:

75 days - after and before

You're doing great! You look 'sleeker' What's your goal? I agree with you on the inaccuracy of the Omron scales. Water retention does a wonky number on the gadget. I would opt for fat calipers...

Apr 17th 2012
arctichacker replied to wherehasthebikinibodygone's blog post:

23 days of torture ...

That's far too much exercise. Especially for someone who doesn't like exercise. 2-3x's a week is all you need. Really, trust me. You certainly don't need to be doing kettlebells twice a day. D...

Apr 17th 2012
arctichacker replied to cameroncope's question:

Elbows hurt when doing Kettlebell swings? Female perspectives?

Does she have prior injuries? How does her from compare to this video Is she chicken winging? Her elbows should remain close to her body throughout the exercise. Her arms should be straight but...

Apr 16th 2012
arctichacker replied to MaryC's question:

So close...yet so far!

You're doing great. You don't need to go on Last Mile if you don't want to. Keep in mind that you are probaby also gaining muscle so I would consider looking at a tape measurement goal. if you wa...

Apr 15th 2012

I hear you. I was so not a happy monkey going through the Last Mile without beans and lentils. I have found that flax seeds are a great way to get...

Apr 14th 2012

i wasn't planning to cut grains permanently at first but after couple of grain free weeks, I was convinced. I'd rather live a life free of the blo...

Apr 14th 2012
arctichacker replied to erdunn75's question:

Need thoughts on my Workout regimen!! Too much?

If you are still progressing at a rate that you like then you're doing fine. The tape measurements and calipers as your main tracking tools. The scale will not be able to show the whole picture e...

Apr 14th 2012

As a woman, I get a bit of overlap in the shrinking pants process. What used to be my 'Super skinny, not an ounce of water bloat, goal jeans' are ...

Apr 14th 2012
arctichacker replied to theWizard's question:

Post Workout Occams Protocol?

Right after your workout you need to replenish your muscles and start the recovery process. I am doing a protein shake with whey isolate powder, almond milk and almond butter immediately after m...

Apr 13th 2012