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My 4HB Goal: To gain lean muscle for rugby and reduce my tummy fat!



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Hey Sam - Thanks for this I've done my measurements (although totally haven't worked out how to get my body fat measurements yet) and am going to...

Dec 22nd 2011
Dec 22nd 2011
edispedis blogged:

sporty lady!

trying to beef up a bit for rugby and keep my body fat down, not sure of my mearurements yet - just about to take them....

Dec 20th 2011
edispedis asked a question:

Occams Protocol for women

Hey there - toally new to this site, but have been following the SCD for about 3 weeks now. Haven't been tracking my results, but I look leaner. I'm just about to start the Occam Protocol as I pla...

Dec 20th 2011