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My 4HB Goal: Im currently 23.5% bodyfat, managed to cut it down from 26%, i am looking to get down about 8-9 :-)







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Kriss Kostadinov shared a tip:

Donating Blood.

I am officially a life saver! I had to break the diet with carb subway and coke lol. Anyone else done it as Tim suggested?

Jan 24th 2012

Sam == Star !

Jan 19th 2012
Kriss Kostadinov replied to neil_london's question:

Breakfast protein

seems okay, check online for nutrition properly , but the turkey is protein rich, thought i would add some more egg whites..

Jan 17th 2012
Kriss Kostadinov replied to Levi's question:

PAGG number of capsules

oh gosh, i take A LOT AGG each different pill, vitamin b, eletrolites (potasium,magnesium etc..), multivitamins, cod/fish oils.. and lastly glucosamine sulphate is this a lot? lol

Jan 16th 2012
Kriss Kostadinov replied to baxter1's question:

Is it possible to go without beans?

why not switch to lentils instead of beans? also cutting beans means a ton more vegetables..

Jan 13th 2012
Kriss Kostadinov asked a question:

I want to look like THAT guy

Hey guys, I wanted just to share a cool movie with you.It is called "I want to look like that guy" it is a documentary about what it takes to get yourself to a single digit body fat, not...

Jan 7th 2012

I am almost sure it is the beans somehow or not enough fibre, not sure! switched to canned lentils and it is much better today! Will report tonig...

Jan 7th 2012

hahahaha amazing yeah and here it comes saturday again

Jan 7th 2012

I had my cheat day on 25th of december so it was all fine *devil*

Jan 6th 2012

just went to my next door off-license shop to get some water and the indian guy working there told me I am losing fat good time! he used to be som...

Jan 6th 2012
Kriss Kostadinov replied to Christi's blog post:

One month results!

Bravo ! Once you feel the difference and you feel good it is easy to keep going

Jan 6th 2012
Jan 6th 2012
Kriss Kostadinov asked a question:

stomach pain

2 days now i have got weird stomach ache/pain in the lower left part of my stomach, it is not really really painful, but hell it is annoying ! the feeling is like I have to fa*t or go to the toile...

Jan 6th 2012
Kriss Kostadinov replied to mwilkins25's question:

Vegetable Juicing

how about blending the vegetables, i have just started last week and i feel pretty optimistic with the whole idea! 2 cucumbers + spinach + peeled 2" ginger cube and lemon juice (squashing it)...

Jan 6th 2012
Jan 6th 2012

yes and like Tim said: sleep is the force multiplier !

Jan 6th 2012

also you are quiet taller, not sure how much you weight, but not always the algorithms are correct for taller or skinnier people for example.

Jan 5th 2012
Kriss Kostadinov replied to eli3841's question:

Bod Pod surprise

all the different types and devices used to measure your body fat are correct for themselves! so if you used bod pod, then go in 2 months again for bod pod. this way the results are going to be co...

Jan 5th 2012

I thought the skin is the worst ? how could you eat it

Jan 5th 2012
Kriss Kostadinov replied to roberdingo's question:

serious question: taste of semen

Good for you, that she is swallowing lol I am having such a bad time as she likes to go down town , but after a few minutes she is on top of me and riding and its all gone once for 2010 , once f...

Jan 4th 2012

Hey Sam, yes I guess you are right about the spikes. I am not on the last mile, thought im pretty satisfied with my weight, i need to shed some mo...

Jan 2nd 2012
Kriss Kostadinov asked a question:

skip dinner or casein before bed == starvation!

Oh firstly I would like to say Happy New Year to all of you! Yesterday as 1st of January (worst day for cheating) I have missed somehow the whole idea with the timing of my meals , missed and pro...

Jan 2nd 2012
Kriss Kostadinov replied to Aiming2beRipped's blog post:

A Cold Shower Experience

hell yeah, I had similar experience with same type of showers here in the UK. Try to drink a litre of cold water immediately upon waking then add the cold shower and you are caffeine free you'd...

Jan 2nd 2012
Kriss Kostadinov replied to asetnes's question:

Average body fat loss with SCD?

yes it depends, I have dropped from 25.9 to 21.6 in about 6weeks, thought i got it a bit wrong with the lentils, everything else seems to be fine and working

Dec 28th 2011
Dec 26th 2011

also you can add 3-4 brazilian nuts, might help a bit

Dec 12th 2011
Kriss Kostadinov replied to bgb1687's question:

protein shakes for breakfast

the shake depending on the protein will not going to last you for really long, Ive tried it , it is easy replacement if you are in a hurry and need to get something to get you 1hour - 1:30hours, b...

Dec 12th 2011
Kriss Kostadinov blogged:

Hi, I'm crslaytor

Hi everybody, I am Kristiyan, working and living in London UK, I have red the 4hourbody book at least 5-6 times + im listening to the audio book everyday on my way to and from work/home.. it is l...

Dec 11th 2011
Kriss Kostadinov replied to magented's question:

Calling all Londoners. Let's meet!

I am not really good at cooking yet, thought im waiting for "the 4hour chef" to come out on amazon UK if we get enough people , we might go make monthly meetups and chase each other to ...

Dec 11th 2011