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rgagne replied to sabrina ali's question:

Slow-carb dieting at work

I agree it is tough what i have found to work for me so far, is bring your lunch with you and all your snacks. I have replaced my candy with pickles and saurkraut. I know you say saurakraut how ...

Jan 10th 2012
rgagne replied to Infinity's question:

4 Weeks = 10 Lbs Heavier

even though her weight is going up are her measurements going down? or is her body fat going down?

Jan 9th 2012
rgagne replied to lisa_a's question:

Stalling on SCD, Severely constipated on the last mile (sorry for TMO)!

I would read tims extended chapter on alternative to dieting Alternative to dieting in here he says to add flax seed oil double the about you weigh and I can tell you adding a little oil will do ...

Jan 4th 2012
rgagne replied to 42Wired's tip:

Slow Carb Diet FAQs

this is great thanks for taking the time to put this together for us

Dec 28th 2011
rgagne commented on Maria Rider's reply:

What works for me right now whey isolate. I have been adding that to my coffee instead of creamer.

Dec 28th 2011
rgagne replied to cruey's question:
Dec 23rd 2011
rgagne replied to dnice53's question:
Dec 23rd 2011

that makes sense. Thanks for sharing I will have to try that next week.

Dec 23rd 2011
rgagne asked a question:

Skip Breakfast

On average I have been losing around 1/2 lb to 1 lb a day. following the scd diet. I wanted to see what would happen if I took out the 30g of protein at breakfast. Stall on weight lose for the ...

Dec 23rd 2011
rgagne shared a tip:

Reverse Cavities

Some more Reasons to follow 4HB. Here is an excerpt from the story that is linked. But taking the Fermented cod liver oil / Butter. I called the dentist right away and made an appointment. In th...

Dec 21st 2011
rgagne commented on BabyDolphin's reply:

It is all about hacking your body and your needs.

Dec 15th 2011
rgagne commented on rgagne's reply:

nice thanks kevin keep up the good work have to try rotating dinner

Dec 14th 2011
rgagne replied to kevinsutton's question:

Results of 1st Round - Before is just GROSS!

Kevin Great job keep it up I have a question for you when you started eating alot of protein and your slow carb diet did gain weight? I was wondering what you eat for your SCD? Thanks keep up t...

Dec 8th 2011
rgagne commented on s2rock's reply:

As for Salt you should try himalayan salt and for poultry try fresh herbs rosemary sage thyme a good grass feed steak speaks for itself but to b...

Dec 7th 2011
rgagne blogged:

Love the book

Love the book 4HB Love your weksite been comng everyday since I found it and wanted to join the conversation

Dec 5th 2011