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My 4HB Goal: I'm 5'10 and 175 lbs, I want to "look like I'm 150", want to "Run like I'm 120", and "Lift like that 12 year old girl" =P





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wudrew blogged:


Started week 2, on week 1 lost 3 IN overall and 2 lbs just on SCD (3 mini cheats, mini muffins), PAGG, and effortless superhuman. Week 2-8 I'm going to add in ICE AGE packs and ice baths once a w...

Nov 17th 2011
wudrew replied to dianne978's blog post:

A Second Chance Manifesto

Yo Go Dianne! As recommended by Tim, Legumes (beans) is the way to go. They are high in protein and most importantly HIGH in insoluble fiber. I personally hate beans but I'm doing for the researc...

Nov 17th 2011