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ebacklund asked a question:

Fruit, How bad is it really?

Yesterday was my cheat day, and the only cheat foods that I had was a smoked baked potato, cantelope and some popcorn in the evening. (I decided to have a rather tame cheat day because my wife is...

Jun 3rd 2012
ebacklund commented on Jake's reply:

Are you fermenting these pickles? Or pickling via vinegar? If fermenting, care to share your recipe/process?

Apr 27th 2012

Thank you

Apr 6th 2012

I have not been exercising. I did try kettle bell swings back in November, but it seemed to hurt my knees. Maybe I need to try again since I have ...

Apr 6th 2012
ebacklund commented on Graham's reply:

Thanks for you tips. Starting Monday (Easter Sunday will be my cheat day this week), I will try to log everything I eat. I've tried in the past bu...

Apr 6th 2012
ebacklund asked a question:

Time to move onto something else?

I started SCD back in October 2011. I weighed 237 then and hoped to be below 200 by my birthday, May 18, 2012. But, now I realize I will not make the goal, and feel like I am about to give up or m...

Apr 6th 2012

I think the jalapenos are fine. I eat a lot chilies!

Mar 15th 2012

It is really easy. Marks Daily Apple has some easy to follow instructions. The hard part is find a source for a 'Mother.' http://www.marksdailyap...

Mar 7th 2012
ebacklund replied to PCdawn's question:

Is Balsamic vinegar allowed on SCD?

I used to use and love balsamic vinegar, but it is really hard to find any without added sugars. I've switched to red wine vinegar, in fact I am in the process of making my own right now! Should ...

Mar 6th 2012

This seems to work for me as well: Cheat Morning (Sun): 218.8 lbs Fast Morning (Mon): 224 lbs Day After Fast (Tue): 219 lbs The day of the fast ...

Feb 21st 2012
ebacklund replied to Gretchen Linden's blog post:

Cheat day Sat, fasting Sun -- first time new hack

I am thinking about trying this technique this week. Cheat day will be Sunday, and fast Monday. But, I was wondering if a beef broth would be allowed on the fasting day? Or, should I truly limit...

Feb 16th 2012
ebacklund replied to KarmicDebT's blog post:

New 4HB Hack?

This past weekend, I had my normal cheat day on Saturday and had a my regular SCD breakfast early Sunday morning (5:30 am). The rest of the day on Sunday I was at a wrestling tournament with my yo...

Feb 14th 2012
ebacklund replied to DexV's question:

Another question about beans

When my wife and I started SCD we consumed beans with every meal, but now we usually only have beans with breakfast. We will split a can between us, along with sauteed vegies and three eggs each. ...

Feb 8th 2012
ebacklund asked a question:

Vitamins and Supplements

I have been on the SCD since the beginning of November 2011, I have lost almost 20 pounds and my clothes are definitely fitting much looser! I have not been taking any vitamins or supplements, as...

Feb 8th 2012

I have five pounds of Country Style Ribs (no sauce) on the smoker as we speak, along with smoked cabbage. Dinner should be ready in about an hour ...

Jan 29th 2012

Happy it worked out for you!

Jan 9th 2012

I'm not sure as I always do the overnight soak method, seems to work better for me. You can always try it, beans are cheap!

Jan 5th 2012
ebacklund replied to cutsh's question:

One word... Beans?

Brine your beans! Yes, I said brine them. There was an article a few years back in Cooks Illustrated which recommended brining beans to prevent them from blowing out. It goes against conventiona...

Jan 5th 2012
ebacklund commented on justin's reply:

Thanks Justin, I changed the title.

Dec 5th 2011
ebacklund asked a question:

Looking for portable meals

I have three boys in wrestling, and will be spending my entire weekends in a high school gymnasiums now thru State Tournaments in March. I am looking for portable snack foods that I can eat throug...

Dec 5th 2011
Nov 11th 2011
ebacklund replied to LikkleNitty's question:

Anyone having problems posting questions?

I posted a question three days ago, that has yet to make it....

Nov 11th 2011
ebacklund asked a question:

What to use as a thickener?

Hello - Does anyone have any suggestion for a thickener for soups and sauces? In the past, before SCD, I use flour in roux and cornstarch in a pinch. Would tapioca or arrowroot be suitable repla...

Nov 11th 2011
ebacklund replied to Gretchen Linden's blog post:

My cholesterol tests were very good!

I had my cholesterol check a couple weeks before I stared the SCD. It was very bad, and I am interested to see if the SCD changes it at all. Total was 338 LDL was 368 HDL was 30 something Don't r...

Nov 11th 2011