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My 4HB Goal: Move from 22% BF (Oct 2011) to sub 10% BF.







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Eventually, especially when you have less to lose, I think you may find counting calories is needed (if you really are eating the same meals over ...

Jul 20th 2012
justingus25 blogged:

justingus25 update -family progress

Hi all - I don't have any real great updates on my personal progress, I started SCD in Oct 2011 and was doing great through March of 2012 (down about 9% BF and 25 pounds). I struggled in April/M...

Jun 22nd 2012

Did you feel this worked better -any conclusive results for you?

Jun 19th 2012

I did spend time "counting" my protein for my meals early on, and now that I have the same meals over and over I don't really count anyt...

Jun 19th 2012
justingus25 replied to ElTico68's question:

Long distance biking

The body should have enough glycogen stores in the body to support a work out from 1.5-2 hours (depending on the person). For rides longer than that -I do take in additional calories in the forms...

Jun 18th 2012

Agreed -also try ground chicken or ground turkey. I usually eat fried eggs with salsa and refried beans, but in a pinch you can replace the eggs ...

Jun 18th 2012
justingus25 replied to Aks's question:

Total protein for a day

I feel like I've seen a recommendation of about 1-1.25 grams per lb lean body weight a day. I usually aim for 1g per lb of lean body weight (ends up being 30-40g, 30-40g, and 40-50g per meal), se...

Jun 18th 2012
justingus25 replied to vaeb80's blog post:

Member intro and question

Congrats on finding 4HB and SCD (and this site, it's super helpful). I found the key for me -is that my triathlon training does not need to greatly affect my diet. If anything -the key is to not ...

Jun 18th 2012
justingus25 replied to vaeb80's question:

Breakfast and Triathlons

I would aim to eat a regular SCD breakfast if you can, maybe wake up a little earlier to eat your breakfast before your workout? I am a triathlete as well, and I swim almost every morning. I hav...

Jun 18th 2012

Oh, one thing also to think about, most running training plans are for 3-4 runs a week, with one of them being the "long run." I would ...

Jun 13th 2012
justingus25 replied to lalasf's question:

a month later... still stalling :(

A few other quick thoughts: Are you maybe not getting enough calories in? I stalled with too much of a caloric deficit. Are you not eating enough on cheat days? My best losses were after large...

Jun 13th 2012
justingus25 replied to R7ype's question:

2 Weeks In - Training Question

Adding on to what the others have replied -it does take a little while to train your body to burn fat for fuel. (give yourself at least a month or so) Be wary of tuning to increased sugar/carbs ...

Jun 12th 2012

I would add, that as I've lost over 85 pounds in the last few years, whenever I finally break down and buy new clothes because my weight stabilize...

Jun 7th 2012
justingus25 replied to Pinky's question:

No energy on my runs

Have you tried scheduling your long runs the day after your cheat day? If you are eating a good amount of healthy carbohydrates as a part of your cheat day -your glycogen stores should be fully s...

May 15th 2012
justingus25 replied to 42Wired's question:

Food Allergies from Repititious Eating

Thanks for sharing this. My diet couldn't be more repetitive (except for cheat days). I'll need to watch out for this and maybe start thinking of planning more variety sooner than later...

May 7th 2012
justingus25 replied to MaryC's question:

Is it ok to eat almonds instead of lunch?

Also, though you probably don't need anyone telling you this, use this as a lesson to prepare in advance. Either like I do -where I make all my meals in advance, or, just having some things in yo...

Apr 19th 2012
justingus25 replied to Zumbagirl's question:

Could you help me decide if this is SCD friendly?

First -from a non-nutrition specific standpoint. I would be wary of anything "very tasty" as (for me at least) -that means that becomes very easy to overeat. I've tried to remove anyth...

Apr 19th 2012
justingus25 replied to a_gore21's question:

Marathon SCD

Yes, it's totally doable. One shouldn't need to take in extra carbs/cals unless running for more than 1.5-2 hours, so maybe on some of your longer runs you'll need to take in some cals in the for...

Apr 2nd 2012
justingus25 replied to Pinky's question:

Can you use SCD while 1/2marathon training

Yes -sorry to link, but just posted an answer on a similar question: Can-you-be-on-scd-and-train-for-a-marathon

Mar 29th 2012
justingus25 replied to Pinky's question:

Can you be on scd and train for a marathon

Sort of. By eating SCD and training, you'll be training your body to better burn fat for fuel. (good reference is to check out the stuff (even just read the newsletters) on www.fuel4mance.com, a...

Mar 29th 2012

I think for me, water was my #1 of my damage control. Cheat days where I drank a ton of water, usually I also had the least amount of weight gain/...

Mar 27th 2012
justingus25 replied to znye01's question:

One month in ZERO results.

If I'm reading things right -here are some comments: -I think you are eating too much protein/too many calories. Do you know your body fat %? If you can find a general idea of your lean body ma...

Mar 24th 2012
justingus25 replied to arctichacker's question:

ArcticHacker: GOAL!

My sincere congrats! Nice work. Now on to more fun things I see (strength and maintenance). Keep us updated on how that goes!

Mar 22nd 2012

I think most would recommend earlier per @Akane 's advice. I usually wait until dinner -as it makes it a lot harder for me to turn a cheat meal i...

Mar 16th 2012
justingus25 replied to J Wheaton's question:

Diet Coke consumption - over time or all at once?

The other thing I'll add (and I agree w/Sam and have really tried to limit my diet soda intake) is that while you are drinking that diet coke for 2 hours, you could have been drinking 1 liter of w...

Mar 8th 2012

Also -I've found it's needed (to limit to a meal), I tried to get away with a whole cheat day and had no real progress those weeks.

Mar 7th 2012

Agreed -last mile by the book wasn't working for me, I'm doing a 4 meal last mile (all last mile foods only except also no nuts/nut butters) and I...

Mar 7th 2012
justingus25 commented on Jake's reply:

Great point, you should never really be "hungry" imo. I do understand having "cravings" though that a cheat day can be good f...

Mar 2nd 2012
justingus25 replied to WantmyBodyBack's question:

Eggs at night, -1lb in the morning?

A quick google search returned the following info (not sure if accurate, interesting at least): Egg whites have several characteristics that promote weight loss. First, egg whites are extremely h...

Mar 1st 2012

I've decided to try olive oil/walnut oil/etc as a source for fat instead of the nuts. I think it should do the trick, and I don't think you'll se...

Mar 1st 2012

Know that for those really long runs (over 1.5-2 hours) -you'll likely need to take in some carbs for nutrition to not bonk (like a gel/etc). But...

Mar 1st 2012
justingus25 replied to letsmaketshirts's question:

Can I just say...

I would think it would be difficult to train for a 26.2 only running 2x a week. I am currently training for an ironman, and am doing a lot training (swim/bike/run). What I found to be helpful, i...

Mar 1st 2012
justingus25 replied to arctichacker's blog post:

ArcticHacker: The Final Push

I think that's a really solid meal plan, I've made a lot of the same modifications for my LM push. I however have struggled cutting down the cheat days into a cheat meal, but I think I've got the...

Feb 29th 2012
justingus25 replied to Rodrigo Flamenco's question:

Checking my Meals (again)

I can't see the picture (link broken maybe). I wonder for you it might be worth buying a scale? Even if you just practice by weighing the items at home- it should give you an idea. Also -on...

Feb 29th 2012

Also, are you sure it's from going into ketosis (and not garlic from PAGG/etc)?

Feb 29th 2012

looks like egg beaters are fine. most people need to scale back the 1/2 cup of nuts to 1/4 cup or less. I'm doing 1/4 cup, I also needed to cut ...

Feb 29th 2012
justingus25 replied to joe4ta's question:

Do and donts of the last mile

Wine out correct (except for cheat meal). I'd ditch the creamer but I'm not 100% sure about that. What else do the calcium chocolate tablets have in them (how many carbs?) You are trying to rea...

Feb 28th 2012

Thanks. I switched to this "4 meal last mile" for the last 2 weeks. I think it's working well, though I haven't made a lot of overall ...

Feb 28th 2012

I'd recommend doing the diet for a steady 3-4 weeks, then add the cardio in if you want to. You can better judge how it affects your progress. I...

Feb 24th 2012
justingus25 commented on Aya's question:

How long have you been on the diet for?

Feb 24th 2012
justingus25 replied to ellenoire's question:

4HB triathletes

I'm in my 3rd year of triathlon, my goal this year is to complete Ironman Wisconsin in September. If anyone is interested about how the SCD diet can fit with training, I would recommend two books...

Feb 24th 2012

Just one week, but I haven't noticed any difference other than I'm happy I'm not taking them:) I'm still thinking about taking them for cheat day...

Feb 24th 2012
justingus25 replied to Georgie_LL's question:

When did you start seeing results?

Congrats on your progress so far. I started SCD in mid-October 2011 (at 175 lbs and about 22% BF). I am currently about 153 and 12.5%. (A few years back before I found SCD I started at 240 and ...

Feb 23rd 2012
justingus25 replied to magibisha's question:

8 months, minimal progress

In addition to what @akane and @arctichacker said, I'm also wondering if it would help to both simplify your meals, and try systematically taking out one of your meals to see if that isn't helping...

Feb 23rd 2012
justingus25 replied to pintoenterprises's question:

Thinking of stopping scd supplements?

I'm ditching the PAGG stack for awhile. I liked it at first, and my brother swears it helps him but I haven't noticed a big difference for me with them vs. without. I'm also just tired of taking...

Feb 23rd 2012