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cbrugman replied to Beorn86's tip:

Check your breakfasts!

Hi Brian, I have been doing Occam's for about 2 months now without the change in SCD diet. Obviously there are individual differences but I have yet to hit a plateau in regards to lifting. Week a...

Oct 14th 2011
cbrugman replied to Lexi dogon's tip:

Interesting observation re: cheat and sleep

I had a cheat day a couple weeks ago where I was so full I was having back pain. It was crazy but definitely made me look forward to a week of SCD.

Oct 14th 2011
cbrugman replied to Kweenofulz's question:

Coffee Needed?

I do not believe coffee is a requirement in SCD. It can be used to mitigate the effects of cheat day but is not a mandatory part of the diet.

Oct 14th 2011
Oct 12th 2011
Oct 7th 2011