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My 4HB Goal: Lose 50 lbs by Jan 1st, 2012





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Fatguylittlecoat asked a question:

A month in-19lbs so far! Thanks 4HP!

I'm just putting in an update because I'm a month into this SCD and LOVING IT! 19 lbs and counting! Plenty of energy for daily life and workouts! Are these results typical? Let me know where you g...

Oct 30th 2011

Starvation? I have always been the type to eat and eat, and I have no lack of energy so far and I've been satisfied hunger-wise. I'm going to re-a...

Oct 30th 2011

I am only eating chicken for the most part. I have lentils for breakfast, I have almonds daily and some peanut butter in my protein shakes right a...

Oct 30th 2011

My daily calorie intake is around 1200 at the maximum on the SCD. I just can't eat much more than that in vegetables and meat. I believe my restin...

Oct 17th 2011
Fatguylittlecoat asked a question:

Keep building muscle mass and lose fat?

Ok, for the last year I've been working out with my body builder friends and have gained approx 40lbs of muscle and lost about 100 lbs of fat. However, my fat loss plateaued until I started the sl...

Oct 16th 2011
Fatguylittlecoat replied to willydogusa's question:

This might be a stupid tip

Has your aim also improved? lol

Oct 8th 2011
Fatguylittlecoat asked a question:

Cheat day is here, NO CRAVINGS?!?

I've been waiting all week for cheat day, writing down all the goodies I planned on eating when the glorious day arrived! When I woke up this morning I was like "meh" and don't feel like...

Oct 8th 2011
Fatguylittlecoat blogged:

300lbs, formerly 380lbs

I have struggled with weight my whole life, but a year and a half ago I decided to make a change. I did a diet that was similar to the slow-carb diet, but it lacked sustainability. I hear Tim Ferr...

Oct 6th 2011