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My 4HB Goal: One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.



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Cheers buddy. I'm totally fed-up of only working out twice a week and don't think i'll stick more than 4 weeks of it. I took all my measurements e...

Oct 23rd 2011
organizebeforetheyrise asked a question:

Does it work for real people with real jobs etc?

I'm used to training 5 days a week and eating just barely enough to maintain my weight. I'm not a foody and hate missing gym sessions. Will the Occam's protocol suggested in 4HB work and am i goin...

Oct 6th 2011
organizebeforetheyrise blogged:

Introduction title:

Prolific over-trainer, trying to train less and eat more.

Oct 6th 2011