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My 4HB Goal: Add 20 lbs of muscle by Thanksgiving.



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Oct 10th 2011
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Im glad its not an allergy - it got pretty intense. Thanks for the input!

Oct 6th 2011
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Thanks! Check out my full suite of Photos on BB.com's site: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/jveltz/

Oct 6th 2011
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Geek to Freak Supplements - Strange Reaction

Crazy burning sensation from scalp to shoulders after introducing Slo Niacin to my regiment. I began my supplement regiment this week on Monday for an 8 week Geek-to-freak experiment. I started w...

Oct 5th 2011
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Jason Veltz

I'm Turning Forty this year and set a goal to get in the best physical shape of my life before my birthday on December 27th. I lost thirty lbs in the first 12 weeks on the Slow-Carb diet going fr...

Oct 4th 2011