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KZswimmer commented on mtmcgill's reply:

I also have never shivered during the ice bath, only momentarily when I've gotten out. I am cold as heck though. Do I need to add more ice?

Sep 30th 2011
KZswimmer replied to danieltyack's question:

Day 31 with more than 20 lbs of fat gone. (pics)

I love B & A pics, especially awesome ones like yours! Great job, look at those abs comin through!

Sep 29th 2011
Sep 29th 2011
KZswimmer replied to Nadia Papineau's question:

Has anyone read Wheat Belly?

Yes, I was reading that when I got introduced to 4HB! It is what started me on eating grain free. Another good blog is 100 Days Of Real Food ( that really got me intereste...

Sep 29th 2011
KZswimmer replied to Arelleth's blog post:

Before and After - Week 4

How inspirational! You just did the kettleball swings? No other exercise? I am just starting out and am confused about the exercise and how much it should be done. You've given me hope!

Sep 29th 2011
KZswimmer asked a question:

Are the challenges 4 HB fat loss friendly?

I love the challenges that are posted, but are they 'too much' exercising? Will they inhibit weight loss?

Sep 29th 2011
KZswimmer blogged:

Member intro: Karine

Describe yourself

Sep 29th 2011
KZswimmer asked a question:

What exercise should I do, and how often?

I've just started out and am not having any problems following the diet really, it's just the exercise- how much do I do? Do I do cardio in addition to the swings and crunches and flying dogs? Do...

Sep 29th 2011