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My 4HB Goal: Reduce my bodyfat percentage to 16%



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Nsoldiac commented on Brenda 7's reply:

So I did some research and ended up getting testing strips that measure ketosis plus 9 other health-related parameters, and it only cost $12 for 1...

Sep 14th 2012
Nsoldiac commented on Brenda 7's reply:

Thanks for the feedback. I actually just bought some! 50 strips for $11 on amazon, not expensive at all so I'm gonna try them out. I'll update thi...

Aug 28th 2012
Aug 28th 2012
Nsoldiac asked a question:

Measuring Ketosis with ketostixs

Has anyone tried the Ketone Testing Strips sold over-the-counter? I just stumbled into a post somewhere of a guy giving some data about his diet and used the strips to give an exact measurement o...

Aug 28th 2012
May 24th 2012
Nsoldiac asked a question:

Tomatoes ok and not carrots? Why??

How come the SCD allows tomatoes but bans other produce, such as carrots? Here's why I'm asking: The SCD tries to curb your sugar/carb intake, lowering your glycemic index, inducing ketosis, burni...

May 16th 2012
Mar 2nd 2012
Nsoldiac blogged:

Hi, I'm Nic

I've been trying the SCD for periods of 2 months at a time. I was able to drop 15lbs on my first cycle. After that I went off the diet for 1.5 months for a number of reasons, went nuts and gained ...

Sep 29th 2011