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My 4HB Goal: Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.



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DjZus commented on Dana W's reply:

Just an update...I've been sticking with it and as today I have lost a total of 18 inches all around ...I'm down 2 pant sizes and from yesterday t...

Oct 12th 2011
DjZus commented on Dana W's reply:

Well here's an update I stayed away from Beans for dinner and drank a bit more water and did the Ice packs and I'm down 2lbs so it looks like just...

Oct 6th 2011
DjZus commented on Dana W's reply:

Thanks for the advice! I'm going to try to cut out the's tough to enjoy the coffee though without it. I usually only have diet soda...

Oct 5th 2011
DjZus asked a question:

Scale not moving :-(

Ok so I'm not seeing much progrees instead looks like I've hit a plateau. I'm sticking to the plan as best as possible. Quick info about me...I'm 5'10" started out at 235.6lbs about 4 weeks a...

Oct 5th 2011
DjZus blogged:

DJZus is in it to win it!

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Sep 29th 2011