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    Dec 8th 2012
    fortune replied to G G's question:

    PAGG Survey

    I lost 30 lbs in the first two months, I'm plateu'd now but I think that's because I'm cycling off my PAGG stack. I've been taking the Kirkland one.

    Dec 8th 2012
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    Dec 8th 2012
    fortune replied to Jamie Olson Peterson's question:

    When to start PAGG stack?

    PAGG is really there to accelerate your weight loss. To help you lose weight faster. if you're nearly at your goal, you might want to skip, or if you're plateu'd you could try it. Another thi...

    Oct 10th 2012
    fortune replied to Patrick Collins's blog post:

    PAGG The Importance of it?

    PAGG is a weight loss accelerant. It makes you lose weight faster. Every body is different, but for many it should improve the gains you'll already get from the slow carb diet. You should als...

    Sep 27th 2012

    With meals and just before bedtime. Skip one day mid-week each week. Then 1 week every two months.

    Sep 21st 2012
    fortune replied to unnamed's question:

    Am I doing the slow carb right?

    My suggestion is not to open up your Cheat Day with a cheat meal. Eat a normal slow carb breakfast and make sure you get lots of protein. That's the recommendation from the book and it makes se...

    Mar 27th 2012
    fortune commented on fitorbust's reply:

    Can't agree more with that condiment comment. It's amazingly difficult to find condiments that don't have HFCS in them. Except mustard.

    Mar 19th 2012
    Mar 19th 2012
    fortune replied to Babetravelling's question:

    PAGG overdose?

    You can also try any of the online PAGG supplement providers. They're engineered specifically for 4HB.

    Oct 19th 2011
    fortune blogged:

    4HB with a Keto & P90 Twist

    I absolutely love 4-Hour Body. Since adopting it I've altered it to tailor it to me and getting the outcomes I'm looking for. I currently do Slow Carb Diet, angled towards Keto, Ice pack, P90 an...

    Oct 17th 2011
    fortune replied to veghead's question:

    Pagg newbie question

    You should be taking PAGG 6 days a week and off it on your cheat day.

    Oct 17th 2011