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thanks Tea! I'm tweaking some things tomorrow in hopes for some sort of loss on Saturday! Thanks for the encouraging words ; )

Oct 7th 2011
shereerenee replied to krn's question:

Anything I can do about Yo Yo-ing

amen. I just posted a similar question. SO FRUSTRATING!

Oct 7th 2011
shereerenee asked a question:

i'm frustrated!

This is really more of a vent. Misery loves company I suppose... This is my second week on the SCD and I have been doing great. I lost five pounds the first week and it took me until yesterday to...

Oct 7th 2011
shereerenee replied to Jake's question:

progress after 8 weeks (photos)

AWESOME progress but ouchie about your back!! Looking good!

Oct 3rd 2011
Oct 2nd 2011
shereerenee replied to mranderson's question:

What slow-carb desserts are allowed?

I just discovered a GREAT sweet treat today by accident! I like to make myself an iced coffee when I get a sweet tooth. Today I made my one cup of coffee in my keurig and then set the cup in th fr...

Sep 29th 2011
shereerenee commented on JJJ's reply:

Totally going to look into some fruity/sweet teas. Good idea!

Sep 29th 2011
shereerenee replied to Vtine311's question:

What are your exceptions?

So funny to read these and see that we all seem to reach for the same things when that sweet tooth starts acting up! I will usually have either a coke zero or make myself an iced coffee with a s...

Sep 28th 2011
shereerenee replied to jitkajulie's question:

Sugar cravings after 5 weeks... ?!

When I get a sugar craving I grab a coke zero or make an iced coffee with a splash of cream and some stevia. It's been working for me and I had/have the biggest sweet tooth out of anyone I know! ...

Sep 28th 2011

How is your water intake? Also, what was your weight *before* cheat day? I found that the water intake was my biggest problem. Once I started drin...

Sep 28th 2011
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Sep 27th 2011
shereerenee blogged:

Member intro: Newbie!

Hi Friends! my name is Sheree and today marks my second attempt at the 4HB. I did this program successfully in the spring but then tragedy struck and I couldn't bring myself to stay away from emo...

Sep 27th 2011