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IndiraV2 commented on Steph's reply:

I am curious about soy too. It's pretty hard to avoid for me since I barely cook and use a lot of prepared stuff. Is soy lecithin as bad as all ...

Oct 5th 2011
IndiraV2 commented on paulshack's reply:

Have the quorn substitutes been working for you? I'm a vegetarian myself (lacto-ovo), so my choices are pretty limited for protein. I've been st...

Sep 29th 2011
IndiraV2 commented on Steph's reply:

Thanks!! I've been doing some of the slowcarb for a few weeks now. Though not everything. Just the supplements and eating as best I can. I'm a...

Sep 25th 2011
IndiraV2 commented on JJJ's reply:

Wow! Squids...I had no idea what you were talking about! Apparently you automatically get a random pic if you don't set one. I'm not the bigges...

Sep 24th 2011
IndiraV2 blogged:

Member intro: IndiraV2

Long and messy story ...but I'm trying the 4 hour body and love this site!

Sep 24th 2011