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My 4HB Goal: Another ten pounds.





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pbwilkins replied to Canadian's question:

Cheat Day Hangover?

Cheat-day hangover! That is exactly the way I described my first day after cheat-day. Felt awful. Depending upon what I binge on, I get a very similar "hangover" effect. Almost enough...

Sep 26th 2011
pbwilkins replied to BabyDolphin's question:

Difficulties in the Washroom....Assistance please

I was having the same problems, maybe going three days without going. So I tried sauerkraut. Worked well, too well, in fact, so I am currently trying probiotics, which I just started today. Aga...

Sep 26th 2011
pbwilkins commented on pbwilkins's profile:

Day 30. At weigh-in this morning, down 15.8 pounds and 9.25 total inches. It is not 20 pounds in 30 days, but I'll take it. 15 more to go.

Sep 22nd 2011
pbwilkins asked a question:

Changing measurement units

Is there a way to change the measurements on the Fat Burner to inches from mm?

Sep 21st 2011
pbwilkins commented on pbwilkins's profile:

Day 28, another pound gone.

Sep 21st 2011
pbwilkins is doing my tutorial!

Fat Loss Resistance Training: Session 1 of 3

This challenge is a weekly fat-loss training plan which consists of 3 fat-cutting resistance training routines that target different muscle groups ...

Sep 20th 2011
pbwilkins was recruited into 4 Hour People by Minnesota!

Give a warm welcome to pbwilkins!

Sep 20th 2011
pbwilkins blogged:

Member intro: Newcomer to Slow Carb

I am in day 27 of the 4 Hour Body lifestyle. I hate to call it a diet, which strikes me as a temporary thing, as opposed to a lifestyle change. I am just over 6 feet and was 231 pounds when I st...

Sep 20th 2011
pbwilkins commented on pbwilkins's profile:

Currently on day 27, down 12+ pounds and 2 inches off waist, about 4 total inches.

Sep 19th 2011