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My 4HB Goal: Judge one by his actions, not intentions. He may have a heart of gold, but so does a boiled egg.





Want to chat?

Whats do you eat for lunch? I was on a pretty standard diet of beans and tune..... need some variety...

Jan 14th 2013
rjmurdoch replied to Jordan Dinning's question:

I don't think it's working!

I know you need to take them but I find the cheat days are killer for weight gain. I think the SCD foods go through you quicker than the other foods. You likely have a lot of water in you too......

Jan 14th 2013
rjmurdoch replied to Sofie Rawlinson's question:

Looking for a 4hb buddy to keep me motivated

I am looking for the same.... I know it works cause I have done it before..... gotta push it to the limit.... http://bit.ly/UZlrxV Bert

Jan 14th 2013
rjmurdoch replied to Claudia Letonja's question:

Report...I'm melting and it's bad

Beans, Beans the Musical Fruit! I just made Beans and Jerk Sauce.... don't use too much or you will be hiccuping your way around the office... This might help to for inspiration http://bit.ly/X...

Jan 14th 2013
Nov 28th 2012
rjmurdoch replied to Bluezen1014's question:

Accountability Partners?

Hey, I am down for this... I need a accountability partner too.... did well with it but plateaued then stopped.... gotta get the crock pot out and start the beans again. Hit me back. Murdoch

Nov 19th 2012

Hey James, you still on this thing? I lost 20 lbs but got injured and spent the next year gaining it back.... i am back on it.... wanna wrk togeth...

Feb 13th 2012

I am super stolked for you.... you feel you have a lot to loose and feel out of place but also have the most to gain.... You also have the best &q...

Oct 1st 2011
rjmurdoch blogged:

Fit for your self and no one else...

I have always been adventurous and carried a bit too much extra weight...I look froward to being adventurous with greater fitness.

Sep 18th 2011