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    Aug 14th 2012

    WoW. At your progress. Way to hang in there.

    Aug 10th 2012

    What do you track in your spreadsheet?

    Aug 2nd 2012

    I made it a bit more descriptive.

    Aug 1st 2012

    Sorry, the boxes that say start typing are auto-complete. You just start tying a value, in this case you can type weight, blood sugar, waist etc. ...

    Aug 1st 2012

    Invited you, let me know if you have any troubles.

    Jul 31st 2012

    Should have kg/cm by the end of the week, and everything can be as private as you want it. The privacy system is similar to googles circles.

    Jul 31st 2012
    jodyalbritton commented on Jake's reply:

    I will approve any requests for invites tonight. Right now if you enter your age, height, weight, and waist circumference it will calculate your c...

    Jul 31st 2012

    Thanks for the heads up. Had a pretty big code push this weekend. It's up now.

    Jul 30th 2012

    My version is free form. You can enter as many/few meals you like on any date. Meals can be called whatever you like and frequent meals can be sav...

    Jul 30th 2012

    Every stat has it's own graph and goal. Same with daily diet macros. You can set how many grams of fat/carbs/protein you want to consume every day...

    Jul 29th 2012

    I am working on the exact feature you are talking about. The ability to upload photos, show them in relation to dates/stats etc.

    Jul 29th 2012

    Thanks for the feedback. As of right now I have most of those features covered. I should be able to open it up for testing within the week. I have...

    Jul 29th 2012
    jodyalbritton asked a question:

    Tracking and Quantified Self

    Hey everyone, I have not been on 4hb since April, as I have been working on a project. I would love to get some feedback from those of you who have been doing detailed self tracking. I was a lit...

    Jul 28th 2012
    Jul 27th 2012

    After seven months of trying it both ways, I can say for me eating the thirty within thirty has no effect on me losing weight with everything else...

    May 12th 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to Overdog's blog post:

    Slow carbon it...

    Check out the build muscle section to the right, on the main page. Welcome Aboard!

    May 8th 2012

    It is normal for your temp to vary by 1-2 degrees during the day. Activity can raise body temp, and lethargy can lower it. What I look for is it b...

    May 7th 2012

    If you are under eating enough to cause a metabolic slow down, it will reflect in your body temp reducing itself. Your body temp dropping by one t...

    May 7th 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to hyperzx's question:

    Resting Metabolic Rate to estimate daily calories

    One thing I noticed is that you are not including any oils/toppings in your calorie counts. If you cook with butter, oil, salt etc. You need too add that in as well as fat has a considerable amoun...

    May 6th 2012

    I read your other post, yeah if you would up your protein you most likely would not deal with cravings. If you are having trouble with the quantit...

    May 3rd 2012

    The main thing is to continue to measure yourself. The scale can be discouraging since you are working out regularly. As long as the inches are de...

    May 3rd 2012

    At your height and weight you should be able to lose about one to two lbs a week. Took me sixty days to go from 198 to 175.

    May 3rd 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to ggg_garo's question:

    When did you see results?

    I saw faster results on the scale in my first two weeks, but I was not working out. I was also forty pounds overweight.I wish I had been exercising from the jump as I could have prevented some mus...

    May 3rd 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to amos's blog post:

    Almond Butter

    Looks good to me. It has 3g of dietary fiber to go with those 3g of carbohydrate, making 0 net carbs. Welcome aboard!

    May 3rd 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to Kfish's blog post:

    Newbie to the Four Hour Body

    It's good to see your not worried about the number on the scale, welcome aboard.

    May 3rd 2012
    May 3rd 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to matt_squires's blog post:

    Member intro: Matt

    Cravings do get better over time, welcome aboard.

    May 3rd 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to bajema's blog post:

    Member intro: excited already

    Welcome to the community!

    May 3rd 2012

    Canned beans are fully cooked.

    May 3rd 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to FitSA80's question:

    Supplements Cell-Tech

    Lots of sugar in cell tech. I have used no-xplode with good results. Just be aware that creatine, and NO2 products can mask weight loss with water retention. Both of those ingredients are in no-xp...

    May 3rd 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to Gretchen Linden's question:

    Are you told "high protein" diets are dangerous?

    I heard this in the beginning as well. I think it comes from the misconception that SCD is a low carb diet. If you look at the books protein recommendations , they are really not much higher than ...

    May 3rd 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to sbajz's question:

    Cheat days

    Nope. I had results exactly like yours. I would gain 3-5 lbs, lose it by Wednesday. What matters is that your pre-cheat day weights continue to go down every Saturday.

    May 2nd 2012

    The only agenda I have is to lose weight, and help others. If you would like to share with me the studies that show metabolic slowdown when follow...

    May 2nd 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to Scheezo's question:

    How long to get flat abs

    Being realistic, you will not lose 3-4 lbs a week on SCD. The ab exercises don't hurt, but they don't help to get abs to the surface either. Visible abs is ninety percent diet. What is your waist ...

    Apr 30th 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to rlj's question:

    Grapefruit Juice

    The glucose blunting effect of grapefruit juice works if you take about 1oz of grapefruit juice about five to ten minutes before eating a cheat meal.

    Apr 29th 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to sarah_watson's blog post:

    trying a new way

    Welcome to 4hourpeople! Jody

    Apr 29th 2012

    I have not really seen much of a difference taking PAGG. I do not take it anymore. I do take a multivitamin.

    Apr 28th 2012

    Unfortunately, six packs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. I know you were asking Charly, but the answer is yes. You are close to me in height...

    Apr 27th 2012
    jodyalbritton commented on Jake's reply:

    If your plate is full, and you feel stuffed, you are underestimating your calorie counts. When talking about hunger cues. Unless you have an eatin...

    Apr 26th 2012
    jodyalbritton replied to berserkgorilla's question:

    What about the Cheat Day Marcronutrient distribution?

    I still keep my protein high, try eat a good amount of veggies, and add my cheat foods on top of all of that. I eat a normal breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, and beans to get the day started. I ha...

    Apr 26th 2012

    It took me to Wednesday to lose Saturday's cheat weight.

    Apr 26th 2012

    When I follow scd by the book, I go crazy on cheat day I eat what ever I fancy after breakfast.

    Apr 26th 2012

    Yes, but this is still a deficit. Your basal metabolic rate is set mostly by your total body weight. If you eat close to or at your BMR if you do ...

    Apr 25th 2012

    I guessed that was what you were getting at. Slow carb diet is not magical it works by restricting your consumption. People lose weight on all kin...

    Apr 24th 2012

    @elequent The studies on fasting are too numerous now, to hold on to the idea that fasting one day a week will lower your metabolism. In studies t...

    Apr 24th 2012